Q3 product update: prepare for renewed demand with new and updated solutions

Prepare your properties for renewed demand with our recent API updates and new solutions we’re rolling out.

Vaccines are being rolled out around the world and your properties are getting ready in anticipation of renewed traveller demand. We’re excited to share news of updates we’ve made to our APIs and solutions, as well as new features we’ve designed to help you plan your own product development and optimise your properties’ performance.

Updates to existing products

We’ve recently made a number of improvements to existing features of our APIs, in order to make them even easier and more effective for you and your properties to use and implement.

  • Onboarding APIs you now have direct API access to all of our facility and amenity ID codes that are relevant to you and your properties. This makes mapping these facilities and amenities much easier, and when we add new ones they’ll instantly become available for you to retrieve, configure and map on your platform. We’ve also updated the information that’s available in our APIs about facilities related to your properties’ sustainability efforts.
  • Opportunities API – it’s now easier for you to get a clear overview of the different opportunities available for your properties. In addition, in the coming months we’ll be sharing guidelines on how best to display different types of opportunities on your platform. These guidelines will help you contextualise the opportunities for your properties, as well as giving you more control over which particular opportunities to highlight. They’ll also make it easier for your properties to act on them, making your implementations more impactful and effective.

New and upcoming products

We’re also excited to let you know about these three new APIs and API features that you can expect to hear more about over the coming months.

  • Reservations API – we’re working to introduce the Reservations Flow Control, which will allow properties to retrieve information about failed reservations so that they can manage them more efficiently. Your properties will be able to filter their failed reservations based on the time range of the failure or the check-in date.
  • Check-in API – your properties will be able to use the online check-in feature to collect information, such as passport or ID card details, before guests arrive. They’ll also be able to give their guests instructions for accessing rooms on arrival, so that the check-in process runs more smoothly for everyone involved.
  • Market Insights API – together with a small number of Connectivity partners, we’ve started a pilot project designed to share market insights data, such as demand trends and traveller characteristics, with connected properties. The goal is to enable those properties to make demand-driven business decisions that help them to optimise their performance on our platform.

Reminder: plan ahead for the upcoming Content API deprecation  

We’re always looking for ways to provide you and your properties with the best possible solutions to manage property policies and settings. That’s why we’re currently working to make it possible for your properties to set cancellation and prepayment policies using the Room and Rate Plan Management API. We’re expecting this option to become available by the end of 2021.

As a result, we’ll now deprecate the following Content API features on the dates shown. We’ve delayed the deprecation of the option to set cancellation and prepayment policies at the property level, and we’ll do this at a later stage.

We hope that having fewer deprecation dates for these features will make it easier for you to prepare for these changes. Take a look below for our suggestions of alternative solutions you can use in place of these Content API features once they’re deprecated.


Content API feature

Alternative solution

Deprecation date: 15 September 2021

Managing photos for properties and rooms

Photo API

Creating an independent property

Accommodation Partner Contracting

Specifying whether potential guests must have booked at least one previous stay on our platform in order to be able to book your properties

This option will no longer be available

Deprecation date: 15 February 2022

Managing licences for properties and rooms

Licences API

Setting up a message from the property owner

Property Profile API

Child policies and extra bed options

The new Child Rates feature (including child policies, pricing rules and room occupancy settings), still in the Content API


To find out more about the features that we’re deprecating and the improved alternative solutions we recommend you consider using, take a look at this migration guide.

Reminder: opt in to the Connectivity Solutions Deal

Don’t forget to opt in to our 2021 Solutions Deal if you haven’t already. It’s based on products that we expect to benefit your properties the most during the northern hemisphere’s upcoming peak season – including onboarding, pricing and payment solutions.

Explore the 2021 Roadmap

If you don’t have access, you’ll find the password in the ‘Announcements’ section of the Connectivity Partner Portal.

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  • We’ve updated the onboarding APIs and the Opportunities API to make it easier for you to map facilities and amenities and display opportunities on your platform
  • Our new API features will help you and your properties manage failed reservations more effectively, facilitate online check-in and access market insights
  • Reminder: we’re deprecating a number of Content API features, and we have suggestions for alternative solutions you can use

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