Preparing to welcome back international guests

Did you hear? Soon, the USA is reopening for international travel – and so are many countries around the world. Make sure that you and your properties are ready to take advantage of this accelerating demand.

In early November 2021, the United States will once again welcome non-US citizens if they’re fully vaccinated and able to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding a US bound flight. This change makes it easier for people from 33 countries including many European nations in the Schengen Zone – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece and more – China, India, Brazil, Iran, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom to enter the United States. The US is not alone in this, with many countries around the world now welcoming vaccinated travellers.  

Travellers are yearning to travel

This upcoming change aligns with the general sentiment of customers. Based on global research commissioned by, 66% of global travellers state that not being able to travel extensively in 2020 has made them yearn for travel even more in 2021.  Despite feeling mostly optimistic, global travellers acknowledge that not being able to travel in 2020 like they used to in previous years has had a significant effect on their well-being, with 48% reporting a negative impact on their mental health and 47% having felt imprisoned in their own home due to travel restrictions. 

Help your properties prepare for this change

To attract eager travellers, your properties can set compelling promotions designed to secure more bookings. One of the ways properties can do this is by setting Country Rates, which are available via the Promotions API. 

Based on reporting insights, properties can unlock more international demand by offering great prices to travellers in the countries they specifically want to target. Properties can boost their bookings by customising the discounts they offer to specific countries and  regions. By utilising reporting and being aware of upcoming travel restriction changes, Country Rates can be productive tools for properties to build their international business.

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  • The USA and other countries are relaxing travel restrictions for vaccinated international travellers
  • Travellers are yearning to travel again, with 66% of global travellers saying that their inability to travel in 2020 has increased their desire to travel
  • Set country rates to unlock more international demand by offering great prices to travellers in the countries you specifically want to target

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