Premier partner perks: sponsoring industry events

As part of the Connectivity Partner Programme (CPP), we recently sponsored two provider events, GuestyVal and The Avantio Partnership’s 2022. Here, we share key highlights from both events.

There are several commercial benefits to becoming a Premier partner. Alongside enjoying shared marketing resources, promotional tier badges, additional onsite exposure, dedicated support from a Business Manager and project funding, we'll also sponsor your company’s industry events. As one of your sponsors, we'll contribute towards the event funding, increase the exposure of your business via our promotional efforts and help generate more trust in your brand among event attendees. 

We recently sponsored the annual industry events of two Premier providers, Guesty and Avantio. Below we share key takeaways from both events.


They say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, and that was certainly the case for Guesty’s first annual event since 2019, GuestyVal. Traditionally based in Tel Aviv, this year’s conference for short-term rental and property management companies was held in the lively and historic city of Austin. And, like the state of Texas, they went big. 

From fireside chats with industry leaders to exciting acquisition announcements, attendees were treated to a two-day event complete with tasty Texan BBQ, a bull riding machine and more.

Here are some of the key highlights from across the two days: 

  1. Acquisition announcement – CEO and Co-Founder of Guesty, Amiad Soto, announced the acquisition of YieldPlanet. YieldPlanet is a premium software provider focused on hotel distribution and channel management. Guesty’s procurement of YieldPlanet and its technology makes for an exciting opportunity for Guesty to expand their offerings and capabilities for traditional hotels within its platform. 
  2. Keynote session – As part of the sponsorship package, and Guesty hosted a keynote session in the form of a fireside chat on navigating the future of travel. Together, we discussed our vision for the industry, recent travel trends, plus onboarding and performance tips for accommodations looking to join our platform via Guesty. 
  3. Payments – A hot topic among attendees and widely discussed during the event was the subject of payments and different payment types. This included celebrating the launch of payments for US Home Property Management Companies as of June 2022. Discussions were also had for remaining needs such as a consistent solution for partners with properties in multiple countries. 

The Avantio Partnership 2022

In Avantio’s beautiful and sunny home city of Valencia, we joined them in their biggest industry event to date. From the luxurious Las Arenas Balneario Resort, Avantio welcomed hundreds of vacation rental professionals from across the globe, creating a space for them to connect with recognised industry leaders, collaborate and be inspired to take their business to the next level.

After the pandemic pause, Avantio’s annual event returned stronger than ever with a brand-new format: one large-scale VR industry event with multiple spaces and sessions happening simultaneously. We especially enjoyed that the mainstage talks were translated into Spanish and French at no additional cost to the attendees, enabling them to follow all the action in real time. 

Here are some of the key highlights from across the two days: 

  1. Themes and goals – The entire two-day conference was centred around Avantio’s themes and goals for the event: collaboration, connection, vision, immersion and sustainability, all perfectly summed up in this video recap.
  2. Sustainability roundtable – As part of the sponsorship package, we participated in a sustainability roundtable. VR Sustainability Advisor Bob Garner and Avantio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Penadés, joined Thomas Loughlin,'s Sustainability Manager, and shared with attendees their companies’ efforts and actions towards sustainability
  3. Avantio x Planet – In late July, Avantio announced that Planet had acquired their company. During the event, Planet hosted a session about themselves and their aspirations within the industry. Exciting times ahead for both Avantio and Planet! 

We believe that investing in Premier partner events strengthens our partnership and fosters growth to offer our mutual customers the best experience and support.  

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  • Becoming a Premier Provider as part of the CPP Programme offers several commercial benefits, such as event sponsorship 
  • This year, sponsored Guesty’s first annual event since 2019, GuestyVal and Avantio’s large-scale VR industry event
  • As part of the sponsorship package, we participated in speaking opportunities at both events, including a fireside chat at Guestyval and a roundtable session at The Avantio Partnership  

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