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The Photo API is now your single solution for photo management

The newly improved Photo API now supports 360° photos. It’s soon going to be your one-stop shop for managing your photos on our platform.

We want to make sure you have access to the best photo management solutions. That's why we continuously assess where our product development teams can make the biggest impact. This is how we came to the decision to deprecate the photo management tools in the Content API. We plan to do this by 15 September 2021.

We’ve expanded the Photo API significantly in the last few years, and it now offers comprehensive, industry-leading solutions. After September 2021, it will be the one-stop shop for photo management within our platform.

What functionalities can I expect in the Photo API?

  • Upload and modify multiple photos per propertyThe Photo API provides a quick and efficient way to manage their photos across platforms. Property managers can upload and synchronise these at property and room level, straight from your system.  
  • Reorder photos in the listing’s galleries at property and room levelEach property has one property-level gallery and one or more room-level galleries. Uploaded photos automatically appear in the property gallery on our platform, but it’s possible to add them to multiple galleries – or to remove them altogether.  
  • Tag photos for clearer guest expectationsThe Photo API now supports all photo tags available in the extranet. This means your properties can accurately tag their photos and improve guest expectations from the moment they see a listing.  
  • Support for 360° Photos (new)360° photos are an immersive way to let bookers view the property/room before their stay. Based on our research, 360° photos are trusted more since traditional photos can be framed to showcase only the best views of a property/room.

If you’re still using the photo functionality in the Content API, you can get in touch with us to learn how to migrate your implementation to the Photo API.

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  • The Photo API now supports 360° photos.
  • The API will soon be the single solution for photo management on our platform.
  • Photo management tools in the Content API is deprecated as of 15 September 2021.

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