Outage Alerts

Our new automated outage alerts will help you resolve your outages quicker than ever

Resolve your system outages quicker than ever and reduce your reservation failures.

From the end of March, we’ll be sending you automated alert emails when we detect that your system is experiencing a technical outage or delay. This was one of the promises we made in our 2020 Product Roadmap announcement.

The automated email will tell you when the issue started as well as offering you advice on how to pause reservation failures. It will also include the contact details for our Connectivity support team, in case you need them. We hope all of this will help you to resume business as quickly as possible. 

These alerts are in addition to the announcements that we currently post on the Partner Portal to let you know when the Booking.com system is experiencing an outage. The new automated email alerts will relate specifically to your system performance, and are designed to support you with outages on your side.

To make sure you receive these alerts, please check that your emergency contact details are up to date. You can also earn 15 points in the Engagement category of the Partner Programme for updating your contact details. 

Here’s how to update your details:

  1. Log in to the Partner Portal
  2. Click the Partner Profile icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click on ‘Company Settings’
  4. Enter one or more email addresses into the ‘emergency contact details’ field

Please provide details for your most relevant contacts, who are able to deal with outages or service failures around the clock. Once you’ve entered your emergency contact details, we’ll send this contact an email alert when you next experience an outage.

Note: If your system experiences an outage in the next few months and you don’t receive an alert from us, please check that your emergency contact details are correct. If your details are correct but you haven’t received any alerts, please check your spam folder and mark the email alerts as safe. If you don’t want to receive alerts, please remove your emergency contact details on the Partner Portal.

Check and update your emergency contact details on the Partner Portal

Check your contact details

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  • You’ll now receive an automated alert email when you experience system delays or a technical outage.
  • The alerts will include details of your outage as well as advice and our support contact details.
  • They will help you to resume business as quickly as possible and reduce your reservation failures.

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