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Onboard properties faster using the full Content Read

Get existing properties on connected to your business faster (and easier) by using the full Content Read.

Performing a full read on property content guarantees a faster, smoother transition is in constant discussion with our partners around the world. So when you told us that we needed to improve the onboarding process for existing properties, we listened.

You told us that without being able to directly read all content information and access the Legal Entity ID (LEID), adding existing properties was a time-consuming process. It also led to the loss of the Property Page Score for the transition period. 

That’s why we introduced the full Content Read - a new feature to make adding already-listed properties easier. Now you can read all Property and Room content, as well as the LEID. And to top it off, the Property Page Score remains intact during the transition process.

This means no more time-consuming data re-entry. No loss of Property Page Scores. And no need to rely on a Property Management System connection or requesting new accommodation partners to register properties again. It’s all part of our everlasting effort to improve the onboarding process.

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  • You told us adding properties already listed on was a time-consuming process
  • We’re always looking for new ways to make your life easier
  • No more time-consuming data re-entry, no loss of Property Page Scores, and no need to rely on third party input

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