Family Policies

Offer more flexibility to guests with our improved family policies for more property types

Occupancy and pricing for children can now be set on property level.

We’ve improved our family policies to make it easier for properties to inform guests travelling with children that they can be accommodated. All occupancy and pricing policies can now be set on property level and will be applied to any underlying rooms. We’re also working on making it possible to set occupancy and pricing on room level, but this feature is still in development.


  • Better room recommendations for guests travelling with children
  • Flexible pricing rules for children of different ages
  • Less overheads for properties, as families book the right rooms and prices

Note: Any occupancy supplements you charge are not included in the total rate displayed during the booking process. From 1 September 2019 onwards, this will change for any partners who have set up their child occupancy per room (and have additional rates for children). For more information on this, read our post on improving price transparency.

Learn more about implementing this feature in the Content API.

Check our API documentation

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  • Set occupancy and pricing for children on property level
  • Provide better room recommendations to guests
  • Check our Content API documentation for technical specs

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