Guest reviews IFrame

Not enough resources to implement our APIs? Here’s how our new IFrame can help

The new Guest Reviews IFrame can be implemented in just one day.

Implementing APIs can be a long process. We understand that for many of our connectivity partners, dedicating time and resources to these products – particularly new ones – can seem daunting.

That’s why we’ve developed our first IFrame. Much easier to set up than a normal API, this product is the perfect way to give your properties the best possible service – without the need to spend too much time on development.

IFrames can also be handy as a test product to see if it’s worth implementing the full API further down the line. You can set up the IFrame, see how much your properties engage with it and make a decision on whether to go for the full API or not.

So, what’s the new product?

The new IFrame is for guest reviews. As you’ll know, guest reviews are a fundamental part of receiving bookings, as a huge number of bookers look at previous guests’ opinions before choosing a place to stay. In fact, our data shows that properties with higher review scores perform better on

The Guest Reviews IFrame has many of the same functionalities as the Guest Reviews API, allowing properties to manage their guest reviews via your platform without having to click in and out.

For example, with the IFrame, properties can see all their reviews, with highlighted information indicating what guests liked or didn’t like. They can also reply to their guest reviews directly through your platform – something that improves guest experience and online reputation.  

What does it look like?


The IFrame within the interface of two of our beta-testing partners.

Kross Booking

Example Krossbooking interface



Example interface Beds24

What we saw was more properties replying to reviews once the IFrame was implemented. In fact, when the IFrame was put in a prominent place within the partner’s interface, properties tended to adopt it immediately.

Want to know more?

Check out the documentation Download the handbook


What do you think of this page?

  • Guest reviews are a fundamental part of getting bookings and seeing where properties can improve. 
  • The Guest Reviews IFrame is easy to implement.
  • Through the IFrame, you can check whether your properties would be interested in the Guest Reviews API in future.

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