A new way of managing property photos with Smart Ordering

Choose the order of property gallery images via our new Photo API feature.

The order in which travellers view property photos could make all the difference between booking or not. Smart Ordering is a photo gallery feature determined by Booking.com’s machine learning algorithm. When Smart Ordering is enabled, the guest sees the property's photos in the best order possible. This can help increase user engagement and drive conversion. 

For all new and existing properties, this feature is enabled by default, but some partners have told us they prefer to opt out and order their property’s photo gallery themselves. 

Your properties can disable Smart Ordering and manually select the order of their gallery photos by following one of two approaches:

  1. Set the order using the extranet
  2. Set the order using the Photo API

Learn more about managing photos 

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  • The order of your property photos can help increase user engagement and drive conversion
  • Smart Ordering uses machine learning to display photos in the best order possible, optimising the gallery experience for potential guests 
  • If your properties prefer to choose the order of their photos, they can now opt out of Smart Ordering via our Photo API

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