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New Onboarding Tool: Switch your properties’ pricing models more efficiently

Learn how our new solution saves you time and helps your properties improve their performance.

Just like any other business, each of your properties is unique and has different needs. These needs change over time, so it’s vital that you stay flexible and adaptable to any situation.

The way your properties set their prices is particularly crucial to their business, as it impacts their traffic, conversion and revenue. Until now, switching between different pricing models – Standard pricing, Occupancy-based pricing (OBP) and Length of Stay (LoS) pricing – has been a manual, time-consuming process for all involved.

That’s why we’re launching a new Onboarding Tool, created to simplify, automate and shorten the process of switching your properties to different pricing models. It’s a hassle-free self-service solution that requires no additional support.

How the new Onboarding Tool works

In the Partner Portal, you’ll find the tool in the top-right corner of the ‘Properties’ tab, where you can: 

  • View the property’s current ‘PricingModel’ before switching to another.
  • Switch a property’s ‘PricingType’ from/to LOS, OBP and Standard (default and single use).
  • Migrate all ‘RoomRates’ at once rather than separately.
  • View the switch status, whether successful or failed (including reasons for failure).

How the new Onboarding Tool benefits your business

This new solution offers multiple benefits, both operational and performance-based: 

  • Reduced property downtime from 36 hours to 90 minutes on average. Your properties will quickly be bookable again, meaning less missed revenue. 
  • Minimised support costs as a result of the time saved. You can instead focus your efforts and resources on maximising your performance.
  • Improved property performance, as your properties can easily tailor their offering to the right guest, at the right time. 

Read more about the different pricing models.

Want to get started right away?

Explore the Onboarding Tool Learn more about the different pricing models

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  • Easily switch between Standard, Occupancy-based and Length of Stay pricing
  • Migrate all ‘RoomRates’ at once
  • Reduce downtime from 36 hours to 90 minutes

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