Licences API

The new Licences API is your one-stop solution to staying compliant with local licence requirements

You can now use one API to make sure your properties are – and stay – legally compliant with local licensing requirements, and can go live on as quickly as possible.

Local governments around the world increasingly require property owners to have special licences to legally operate their business. That means that properties need to supply licence information in order to go live on To help properties navigate local legislation, we initially created the ‘Licence requirements per region’ feature within the Content API. However, your feedback made it clear that this tool wasn’t detailed enough and in some cases prevented new properties from going live on

That’s why we’ve created the new Licences API. This standalone solution will make it much easier to ensure your properties are always compliant with local legislation, and that new properties can go live on as quickly as possible.

The new Licences API allows you to:

  • Retrieve licence requirements on unit and property levelProperty managers can easily see which licences are required in order for their properties to be compliant and ultimately go live on  
  • Submit and verify your licence informationThrough the Licences API, you’ll be able to upload the required licence information and submit it directly to us. You’ll also be able to verify whether the submitted licence information still meets the updated requirements, on both the unit and property level.  
  • Make sure your properties stay compliant with updated licence requirementsWe continuously add new local licence information to the Licences API to ensure compliance across the globe. As soon as new legislation is introduced in a country, it can be accessed through the Licences API.  
  • Prioritise properties that do not need licences in your onboarding processYou can use the Licences API to identify properties that do not need a licence. This can help you prioritise which properties go live when you’re onboarding a large number at the same time.

The Licences API will be our primary licensing solution going forward, so we encourage you to migrate to it as soon as possible. Although we won’t remove the ‘Licence requirements per region’ feature from the Content API, it won’t be developed any further.

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  • The Licences API lets you see all local licence requirements on a room and property level.
  • You can submit and verify your licence information directly through the API.
  • Stay on top of keeping your properties compliant, thanks to updated regional licence requirements.

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