Photo API

New improvements to Photo API functionality

Photo management just got easier. Find out all about the new Photo API functions available to your properties.

The Photo API provides properties with a quick and efficient way to manage their images across platforms, straight from your system – synchronising these at property and room level, either in bulk or one at a time. 

We’re always looking to make our APIs better for you and your properties and, thanks to your feedback, we’ve recently made some important improvements. Take a look below for more information.

  • The Photo API now supports all tags. To bring the API in line with the extranet, all available photo tags are now supported. This means your properties can accurately tag their photos and improve their content score. 
  • Photo upload limit error message. When the 300 photo upload limit has been reached, an error message will now be shown to let the property partner know what’s happened. Any further uploads will be rejected until some images have been deleted using the feature described below. Read the API documentation
  • Brand new ‘delete’ feature. The existing ‘remove’ feature removes a photo from the property listing but keeps it available for later use – meaning it still counts towards the total upload limit. The Photo API now has a new ‘delete’ feature, which will permanently delete the photo and free up space for more uploads.
  • Added status messages for pending photo uploads. In this latest update, we’ve added status messages to pending photo uploads. These new messages provide clearer, more meaningful information to better explain the status of the upload. Examples of error messages can be found in the API documentation.

Learn more about the Photo API in the documentation 

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  • All extranet photo tags are now available in the API
  • A new ‘delete’ feature means photos can be permanently deleted
  • New error and status messages give properties more information

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