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A new guide to self-help options on the Provider Portal

Learn about all the different ways you can manage your account, settings and properties through the Provider Portal – plus the troubleshooting options we offer there.

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While you’ve probably been using the Provider Portal for quite a while now, it’s easy to forget about features or miss new ones being announced. So, to help you find all the self-help options available on the Portal, we’ve put together a guide over on the Help Centre

The guide is split into three parts: 

  1. Assessing connection quality. The first section concentrates on tools that help you to detect and solve issues around errors and fallbacks. It also covers feature management and how to handle outages.

  2. Onboarding and offboarding properties smoothly. In the second section, you’ll find lots of different tips for managing your connected properties, the settings you can change for them, and the on and offboarding process.

  3. Completing miscellaneous tasks. The third and last section covers admin tasks you can self manage on the Provider Portal. Some of these are things related to your business, while others are actions you can take on behalf of your connected properties. 

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  • Learn about the functions available on the Provider Portal, and how they can benefit you
  • Smoothly manage the on and offboarding of your properties
  • Assess your connection quality and take steps to improve it

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