Content API update August

New features to optimise cancellations and make your properties stand out

Updates to the Content API: properties can now fill cancelled rooms faster and tailor their listing more fully.

Waive cancellation fees to fill cancelled rooms quickly

We’re always trying to improve our tools to help you work more smoothly. This month, we’ve added two new features to the Content API. The first helps your properties fill cancelled rooms quickly by waiving cancellation fees within a set period of time after a booking is made.

The Grace Period feature lets them waive cancellation fees for guests who cancel their bookings 1, 4 or 24 hours after they book (excluding last-minute bookings made up to 48 hours before check-in).

With Advance Cancellation, they can waive cancellation fees for guests who cancel their bookings 4, 8 or 12 weeks before check-in. This gives guests flexibility, and properties have more time to get their rooms rebooked.

Using the Grace period or Advance cancellation features does not decrease the number of guests staying at a property.

Learn more about implementing this API

All extranet facilities and amenities now available

One factor that can influence whether a property gets a booking or not is their facilities. Having spoken to many of our connectivity partners, we know that a lot of properties are keen to display their unique facilities online.

Until now, some of the facilities and amenities that properties can mark in the extranet haven’t been available via connectivity platforms. 

In July we announced that all 178 amenities are available to connected properties in the Content API. Now, all 217 facilities are available in the Content API, too.

This will help your properties stand out from the competition – and in turn, get more bookings.

Full list of supported facilities and amenities


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  • Waive cancellation fees for guests and help your properties fill cancelled rooms faster. 
  • Your properties can waive fees for cancellations made soon after booking, or a long way out from check-in.
  • The Content API now supports all the facilities and amenities that are available in the extranet.

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