Content API update

New features available in the Content API to improve property satisfaction

Based on partner feedback, we've added new features to the Content API.

Content Score

Many partners have expressed an interest in more data and better insights to improve their properties’ performances on Therefore, the Content Score, also known as ‘Property page score’, will be made available through the HotelSearch call. This score will show you the potential for content improvement per connected property, where a 100% score can potentially lead to 18% more bookings. Available through the OTA_HotelSearch call.

Dual-currency support

As some countries support multiple currencies (e.g. Argentina supports both dollars and pesos), it can be tricky to define which currency set-up a property is using. This means there’s the potential risk of pushing the wrong rates. In order to avoid this situation, you can now retrieve the currency code for each of your properties. This makes it possible to check the currency set-up of a given property and adjust your rates accordingly. Available through the OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo and OTA_HotelSearch calls

Default GST Progressive set-up for new properties in India

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), which took effect on 1 July 2017 in India, has been introduced as an indirect tax on the supply of goods and services in the country. The GST was set to replace various indirect taxes, including VAT, which was previously configured as a default TaxPolicy when a new property in India onboarded through the Content API.  

To comply with these changes, the default TaxPolicy setting has been changed to GST Progressive for new properties where no TaxPolicy is defined. Previously, these properties were set to GST manually.

Note: As part of this change, please avoid sending us a TaxPolicy while onboarding a new property in India. The GST can only be automatically set if the TaxPolicy element is left empty, though this setting can never be replicated after any TaxPolicy is sent.

Default Child Policy Error fixed

Previously, child policies could not be set back to default settings (e.g. ‘Children not allowed’) due to a bug in our system. We have applied some changes to our documentation to make sure the API works as stated. You can now set the policy using 1 = Yes and 2 = No. This should enable providers to set the policy correctly. The applied changes can be reviewed in our documentation.


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  • New features available in the Content API based on partner feedback.
  • The new features will help reduce errors and are likely to improve property satisfaction.
  • Check the Content API documentation.

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