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More family booking details are now available in the Reservations API

The Guest Count feature in the Reservations API gives your properties key room-level occupancy information about each of their reservations.

You told us that the Reservations API would benefit from extra information about family reservations, and we heard your feedback loud and clear. That’s why we’re excited to launch the API’s new Guest Count feature, which gives your properties the tools they need to welcome families with ease.

This data helps properties to be better prepared for guests’ arrival and enhance their overall experience – from more efficient room allocation to a smoother check-in.

The Guest Count feature shares the following information for each reservation:

  • Total adults: the number of adults in each room
  • Number of children and age: the number of children staying in each room, broken down by age
  • Room distribution: how adults and children are divided across different rooms (if a single reservation includes multiple rooms)

The Guest Count feature is ready for you to implement as part of the Reservations API. To find out more, take a look at the ‘Include room-level guest count’ section of the provider feature management page.

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  • The Guest Count feature provides properties with three important pieces of information for each reservation: the number of adult guests, the room distribution for reservations with multiple rooms and the number of children and their ages.
  • This feature helps properties be better prepared for family check-ins, makes room allocation easier and streamlines daily operations.
  • The Guest Count feature is ready to implement as part of the Reservations API. Find out more on the provider feature management page.

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