Vacation Rental badges

Meet our recommended providers for vacation rental properties in 2020

Find out who our recommended providers are and how you can become one in 2021.

Program Manager at the Connectivity Partner Programme Team.

To help bring together the right Connectivity partners with the right vacation rental properties, we recently launched specialisation badges. In February we asked eligible partners to opt in to receive a badge, and as a result we now have 24 recommended providers.

Vacation rental specialisation badges help increase visibility for Connectivity partners among these kinds of properties. They signal that we recommend these partners to vacation rental properties on, which helps those partners to attract more properties to work with.

Meet our recommended providers for vacation rental properties

These 13 Connectivity partners are recommended for vacation rental property managers. As well as three Advanced partners, there are 10 Premier partners, the highest category in our Connectivity Partner Programme.

Premier partners:

  • Avantio
  • Bluetent
  • BookingSync
  • ChannelConnector
  • Guesty
  • Homhero
  • Nextpax
  • Rentals United
  • Supercontrol
  • Futurestay

Advanced partners:

  • Feondi
  • Your Rentals
  • Streamline

These 11 Connectivity partners are recommended for vacation rental hosts. There are six Advanced partners and five Premier partners.

Premier partners:

  • Beds24
  • Eviivo
  • IdoSell Booking
  • Kross Booking
  • Octorate

Advanced partners:

  • AvaiBook
  • Easybooking
  • Lodgify
  • Smoobu
  • Talkguest
  • WuBook

Do you want to become a recommended partner for vacation rentals in 2021?

If you’re interested in becoming a recommended partner, it’s important that you start using the Content API soon. In order to be eligible for a vacation rental specialisation badge, you’ll need to have used the Content API to onboard at least 70% of your properties over a six-month period. We’ll provide more details later this year about how you can opt in to become a recommended Connectivity partner in 2021.

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  • Last month, eligible Connectivity partners opted in to become recommended vacation rental providers.
  • We now have 24 Connectivity partners that are officially recommended for vacation rental properties.
  • There are 13 Connectivity partners recommended for vacation rental property managers, and 11 recommended for vacation rental hosts.

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