Partner Programme Update

March updates from the Partner Programme

We're constantly improving our Programme and the Partner Portal to suit your needs. Here's an overview of what has recently changed.

We've added 3 new API Products

We've made a couple improvements in the Partner Portal

  • Engagement elements are now visible:
    • Earn 15 points every time you share your feedback during an interview with our team
    • Earn 25 points when you participate and complete a beta-test
    • Earn 2 points every time you complete a survey
    • Earn 2 points every time you share news and we publish it in our channels
    • Earn 10 points for every Partner Satisfaction Survey you complete
    • Earn 10 points when you have filled in your account details
    • Earn 10 points when you have complete your public profile
  • Update of new opportunities in the Property Performance section: You are now able to see how many points you have earned in the programme thanks to the number of opportunities your properties have implemented. Your score is calculated based on the percentage of implemented opportunities relative to the total opportunities for the current month as well as the attributed implementations.
  • OpportunitiesAll opportunities are now visible in the Opportunities tab in the Portal. Check out which opportunities your properties are eligible to. Opportunities have also been grouped by the top metric they impact : Ranking, Conversion or Cancellation.

Points and scoring

  • In Q2 we will share our compensation plan for everyone that missed out on points for using Messaging API and Guest Reviews API in January and February. We planned to have these products live in the programme on the 1st of January but were delayed till the 1st of April.
  • Opportunity API (max 3 points p/month)
  • Reviews API (max 3 points p/month)
  • Messaging API (max 6 points p/month)
  • Points for PCI compliance are measured and given every 90 days

All details of each element and points can be found in our Programme Manual.

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    • March' Partner Programme update.
    • New API products available and ways to earn points in the Engagement pillar.
    • Explore the programme updates in the Partner Portal.

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