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We want to make sure properties have all the tools they need to improve their performance and reach their full potential. That’s why we created the Opportunity Centre. This is a section of the Booking.com extranet that analyses each property’s profile and suggests specific actions based on the areas of improvement it has identified. We call these actions opportunities.

How does the Opportunity Centre work?

At Booking.com, we have identified eight steps in the property’s journey. Based on guests’ booking processes, we can identify why a drop-off might occur between each of these steps.

For example, when a guest searches for properties in a specific area, we call that the ‘Potential searches’ stage. At that stage, it’s important that your properties located in that area are available on those dates. The properties that are available on the guest’s search dates then move onto the stage of the process we call ‘Available searches’. In other words, the properties with no availability on those dates experience a drop-off between the first stage (‘Available searches’) and the second stage (‘Available searches’).

This is where opportunities come in. They’re the actions that properties can take to ensure they aren’t missing out at any stage of the guest’s booking process.

The Opportunity Centre is a section of the Booking.com extranet that shows properties which step of the customer journey is most at risk in their case – and suggests steps (opportunities) to help them improve in those areas. The step that leads to the most drop offs is named the properties' top need. 

For each property, the steps of the customer journey are ranked by how big a drop-off they’re causing. This helps properties prioritise which steps to take to reach their full potential.

Opportunity Centre in the extranet

In the Partner Portal, we have also grouped opportunities by drop-off point. Here’s a list of the opportunities available to your properties. You’ll also be able to see them in the Partner Portal, under the Opportunities tab.


Opportunities to help increase properties' conversion:

  1. Property page score. Increase bookings with a more attractive and informative property page.
  2. 24-hour reception. Avoid complaints and improve guest experience with information about late check-in.
  3. Business rates. Attract business travellers by adding a business rate.
  4. Children can be accommodated. Make booking easy for families by showing that children can stay.
  5. Genius - free breakfast. Increase revenue by offering Genius bookers free breakfast.
  6. In-stay services - add breakfast. Boost profits by selling breakfast on Booking.com.
  7. Netflix. Increase bookings by showing guests that they can watch their favourite shows during their stay.
  8. Family-friendly. Get more family bookings by showing that family-oriented facilities are available.

Opportunities to help increase properties' conversion and improve their ranking:

    1. Preferred Partner Programme. Get extra visibility in search results by joining the Preferred Partner Programme. Drives conversion and ranking.
    2. Genius Partner Programme. Get special access to the most reliable guests via Booking.com’s loyalty programme, Genius. Drives conversion and ranking.

    Opportunities to help increase properties' conversion and reduce cancellations:

    1. Last-minute bookings without credit card (next-day, same-day early bookings, same-day late bookings). Secure more bookings by taking a step out of the booking process.
    2. No address details for guests. Secure more bookings by taking a step out of the booking process.
    3. No credit card details for domestic bookings. Secure more bookings by taking a step out of the booking process.
    4. No CVC. Secure more bookings by taking a step out of the booking process.
    5. Online Payments. Increase conversion by giving guests more flexible payment options.
    6. Non-refundable rate. Decrease cancellations by adding a non-refundable rate.
    7. Unblock grace period. Resell cancelled rooms quicker by allowing guests to cancel for free within a certain time after booking.
    8. Pre-booking message. Manage guest expectations by allowing guests to communicate with properties before booking.

      Opportunities to help reduce properties' workload:

      1. Automatic replies with templates. Save time by replying to guest emails with automatic templates.
      2. Hotel with very large or very small active room size. Manage guest expectations by ensuring room sizes are displayed correctly.


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      • The Opportunity Centre provides properties insights to improve their performance and reach their full potential.
      • You’ll also be able to see their opportunities in the Partner Portal, under the Opportunities tab.
      • Download our Opportunities Playbook to learn about each opportunity and it's benefits.

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