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Learn about the recovery campaigns other providers are running to support their properties

Connectivity partners from around the world have been working hard to bring their properties the right recovery advice. Find out what your peers have been up to in recent months.

At the end of May we released the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit, and since then we’ve been updating the content based on what we’ve been seeing in the market. The toolkit shares advice and products to help your properties work towards recovery.

Throughout July we saw many of you working hard to deliver the right advice to your properties. There’s been strong collaboration between us and our Connectivity partners to share recovery products and support properties in their recovery.

Thanks to the participation of many of you in the Property Recovery deal, we’ve been able to collect 46 separate recovery campaigns from 36 providers, and see exactly how they’re impacting properties’ recovery efforts. We’d like to share some of the amazing recovery campaigns created – in record time – by some of your teams.

A few success stories

Sabre Hospitality Solutions, a hospitality technology provider, spent July promoting the Partner Performance Investment Programme to its properties through an email campaign. Sabre’s account managers are now also incorporating the Partner Performance Investment Programme into their regular conversations with eligible new properties. They’ve been successful in opting properties into our two loyalty programmes, Genius and Preferred. They have the highest number of properties opting into these two programmes among all our Connectivity partners – over 450 opt-ins within just a month.

AvaiBook, which offers vacation rental software, has collaborated with us to launch a full recovery communication plan. They used all their scaled channels to reach their 6,600 properties connected to AvaiBook’s main focus was on key promotions to capture last-minute and domestic demand, part of which included promoting flexible policies and health and safety measures to reassure guests. They also promoted our two key loyalty programmes – Genius and Preferred – which together form the Partner Performance Investment Programme. The results of this have been positive, with almost 200 opt-ins to the Genius and Preferred programmes.

Other Connectivity partners have used different channels to share recovery insights with their properties during these unprecedented times. Staah, which offers hospitality technology solutions and is based in New Zealand, used their blog and social media channels to share tips on preparing for recovery. They also shared key insights from the Recovery Toolkit and information on how to implement recommendations using our APIs.

UK-based eviivo invited their properties to join a live webinar dedicated to recovery in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We applaud their initiative to engage with properties in a live session, where they could connect directly and address all their properties’ concerns.

We are proud and inspired to see so many of you, our Connectivity partners, taking action to support our mutual connected properties.

We want to recognise your efforts through the Property Recovery deal, which lets you earn up to 200 points for promoting recovery products to your properties. The deal runs until 30 September 2020, so be sure to fill in the Property Recovery form here before then.

The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit has advice on how to support your teams and properties on the road to recovery.

Explore the toolkit

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  • From email campaigns and webinars to banners and pop-ups, our Connectivity partners have been busy trying to support their properties across the world.
  • You can earn up to 200 points in the partner programme by taking part in the Property Recovery deal and letting us know what you’ve been doing to help your properties recover.
  • Explore the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit for tools and advice on how to support your teams and properties on the road to recovery.

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