Pet Policies

The latest Content API updates: age and curfew restrictions, Standard Phrases and pets policy

To improve extranet parity, our latest improvements include new functionality for age and curfew restrictions, a full range of Standard Phrases and a change to pet policy implementation.

Building on last month’s announcements about improving the property onboarding flow and achieving extranet parity, we’ve been adding more features to the Content API – Property Management solution. This means that you’ll soon be able to provide the full onboarding process in your own interface – removing the need for connected properties to log into the extranet. 

Take a look at the most recent features below:

  • Setting age and curfew restrictions. Your properties can now set age and curfew restrictions directly in your system. The Age Limit feature allows a property to set age requirements for check-in. This is particularly important for properties in certain countries, like the US, where many states have these requirements for vacation rentals. The Curfew feature is a policy that limits the hours guests can leave or enter a property.
  • Extended number of ‘Standard Phrases’ for Fine PrintWe’ve updated the number of Fine Print Standard Phrases to match those in the extranet. This means that connected properties are now able to add more automatically translated phrases to their Fine Print to specify their rules and expectations for guests.
  • Pets policy. As of the 14 November 2019, the code and documentation has been updated to enable connected properties to allow pets to stay – either for free or for a charge – using the ‘PetsPolicy’ feature. The old method for setting the ‘PetsPolicy’ has now been deprecated.

Learn more about the Content API in the documentation

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  • Properties can now set age and/or curfew restrictions
  • Full functionality of the Fine Print now available
  • Pets Policy allows pets to stay for free or for a charge

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