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We are pleased to announce that the Property Performance category of the Connectivity Partner Programme is live from 1 April. And we’ve made changes to the category based on your feedback. That means this quarter’s category will be fairer and easier to use than ever before.


Before we explain the changes we have made to the Property Performance category, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the impact of the Coronavirus (COVOID-19) on your business. We want you to know that we are working hard to help you and your properties through this difficult time. 

We will continue to monitor the impact of Coronavirus (COVOID-19) on the Property Performance category. If needed, adjustments will be made in the programme later in the year to address this. 

The changes to Property Performance category

We have preselected 17 different opportunities for you based on your portfolio’s needs, seasonality and’s priorities. These opportunities have been grouped into three elements: strategic opportunities, promotions and deals and quick wins. Each opportunity has been selected because it will help set your properties up for success and capture travellers’ attention. 

To make your life easier, you will no longer have to action every opportunity you work on in the partner portal. All you have to do now is click on the ‘participation’ button in the Property Performance category. This will action all opportunities for that quarter and help you earn points in the Property Performance category. You can participate in the deal at any time between 1 April and 30 June. 

Finally, we have adjusted the opportunity implementation formula to make it fairer for partners with large portfolios. You can find out more about this in the Programme Manual.

Your new opportunities

We have hand picked a group of opportunities which will push properties' ranking, click-through and ultimately lead to more bookings in the future. As demand returns, you can work with your properties on the opportunities that will help them the most. Take a look at them below:

Opportunity element

Opportunity name



Genius Partner Programme

Getting special access to the most reliable guests via’s loyalty programme, Genius


Preferred Partner Programme

Getting extra visibility in search results by joining the Preferred Partner Programme


Online Payments by

Increasing conversion by giving guests more flexible payment options

Promotions & deals

Country rates

Targeting guests from specific countries and growing revenue

Promotions & deals

Mobile rates

Attracting mobile bookers by offering a targeted discount

Promotions & deals

Early booker deal

Filling in availability early on by offering early bookers a special discount

Promotions & deals

Basic deal

Offering limited time discounts to increase bookings

Promotions & deals

Breakaway deal

Tapping into rising demand in April and May to increase bookings

Promotions & deals

Getaway deal

Securing bookings early on and filling in occupancy in advance

Promotions & deals

Business rates

Attracting business travellers by adding a business rate 

Promotions & deals

Non-refundable rates

Decreasing cancellations by adding a non-refundable rate

Quick wins

Automatic replies

Saving time by replying to guest emails with automatic templates

Quick wins

Messaging templates

Setting up templates to send automatic replies 

Quick wins

Streaming services

Increasing bookings by showing guests that they can watch their favourite shows during their stay

Quick wins

Risk Free Reservation 

Offering more flexible cancellation policies and boosting conversion

Quick wins

Key collection

Avoiding complaints and improving guest experience with information about where to collect keys

Quick wins

Host profile

Attracting potential customers by sharing more about who the property is


Tips to get you started with opportunities

1. Adopt the Opportunities API and the Promotions API. By adopting the Opportunities API, you are sharing opportunities to our mutually connected properties directly in your system. You can find a list of opportunities available in the Opportunities API in the Opportunities playbook. The Promotions API allows your properties to create rates directly in your system. These are scalable ways to give properties commercial advice relevant to their property and allow them to offer competitive prices. 

2. Train your teams to become product experts. We have launched a new lesson in the Property Performance course. You can find it in our Education section. This lesson is an in-depth examination into key products, designed to help your teams fully understand opportunities and how they impact property performance. And from 1 April to 30 June, we are launching an Education deal where you can earn an extra 50 points in the programme by training at least 50% of your sales or support team. 

To help your team promote opportunities and have the best value proposition for each opportunity at hand, we’ve updated the Opportunity Playbook. You can also request email copy templates via your Partner Business Manager or our support team. This will help you give useful advice to your accommodations.  

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