Introducing VR Essentials

Introducing Vacation Rental Essentials

At VRMA 2019, we unveiled a whole host of new tools designed to help vacation rental owners boost their business. was at the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) International Conference in New Orleans in October this year, and we took the opportunity to unveil a selection of new tools for property managers. Here’s an overview of the tools that are of most interest to our Connectivity Partners:

Vacation Rental Essentials

The vacation rental (VR) industry is a key growth area for many of our Connectivity Partners. Managing VR properties brings different challenges to working with more traditional properties like hotels, so to help out we’ve introduced Vacation Rental Essentials (VR Essentials). This is a curated selection of APIs that we’ve created to specifically cater to the needs of businesses with vacation rentals in their portfolio.

VR Essentials currently includes these APIs:

  • Key Collection
  • Property Profiles
  • Reporting Guest Misconduct
  • Damage Deposit

Implementing these APIs helps you earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme. And we’re always creating new features designed to enhance VR properties’ performance on – we’ll be adding more in 2020 too. You can find more details on the VR Essentials solution page.

Quality rating for vacation rentals

Until now, guests haven’t been able to distinguish between vacation rentals on using star ratings. To help them find properties that match their criteria, we’ve introduced a new quality rating classification system. It’s similar to the star system that we already use for hotels, and it’s designed to help guests find properties that match their requirements more easily.

The new ratings are based on an algorithm that considers things like how complete a property’s information is on the extranet, the cleanliness review score and more. This helps you to give potential guests a more accurate representation of your property, manage expectations and achieve better reviews. Learn more about the Quality Rating system.

Testing the new external review and host scores

We understand that getting enough reviews to create a property score can be a challenge – especially for new properties. At the same time, reviews play a big part in building trust with potential guests. That’s why we’re testing out two scores for properties that don’t yet have the five reviews they need to generate a review score.

The host score and external review score are for properties run by management companies. The host score is based on reviews for other properties in your portfolio – it’s a way of demonstrating to guests that all your properties are professionally managed. External review scores are generated from guest reviews from other trusted sites, and again they’re designed to give potential guests peace of mind. Find out more about the external review score and host score tests.


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  • Vacation Rental Essentials is a curated selection of APIs specifically designed to boost the performance of vacation rental properties
  • The new quality rating system for vacation rentals will help guests find properties that meet their requirements
  • We’re testing two new scores to help properties without a review score build trust with potential guests

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