Introducing our 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme

Discover your 2021 tier and how we’ve improved the Connectivity Partner Programme this year

Earlier this month, we launched our 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme. This means you’ll officially know your 2021 tier based on your 2020 performance in the Connectivity Partner Programme. 

From your feedback, we saw that there was more we could do to support you this year. As a result, the 2021 Partner Programme will be: 

  • Simpler – Our new quarterly programme structure means that at the end of each quarter you’ll earn points for all the activities you’ve worked on. Your end-of-year score will be calculated using the total number of points earned during all four quarters. 
  • More rewarding – We’ve added new benefits for your business, including offering funding to our Premier partners for their most innovative projects. On the Partner Portal, you’ll find clear instructions on how you can access and use each of your benefits. 
  • Easier to action – This year, we’re reducing the number of metrics you need to progress in the programme, making it easier for you to reach Advanced and Premier tiers. 

2021 Premier partners

We want to extend a huge congratulations to our partners who have been able to hit Premier status. Last year was one of the hardest we, as a travel industry, have had to endure. Despite the many challenges, your performance was strong. All 2021 Premier partners will soon be listed on our updated Partner Help Guide ‘choosing the best Connectivity provider for you’, which can help you reach more properties. 

Access exclusive content with our new logged-in experience 

During Q1, you may have noticed that the ‘Partner Programme’ tab in the Partner Portal was closed. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to transform it into an even better platform experience to make sure we can support you in a more customised way. Sign in to find more information on your Partner Programme performance, marketing materials and contracts, updates on new deals, events and more. 

If you’ve just hit Premier or Advanced tier, you can now access your partner badge. You can use this to display on your own channels, showcasing our partnership in your own marketing campaigns.

Check out our new logged-in experience

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  • We’ve officially launched our 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme, and you can now find out your 2021 tier status. A huge congratulations to all of our partners who hit Premier status
  • Based on your feedback, the 2021 Partner Programme will be simpler, more rewarding and easier to action 
  • Discover our new logged-in experience, where you can find information on your Partner Programme performance, marketing materials and contracts, updates on new deals, events and more

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