Introducing Room and Rate APIs

Introducing modular Room and Rate Plan Management APIs

Easily provide your properties with everything they need to seamlessly manage their rooms and rate plans straight from your interface.

Introducing the Room and Rate Plan Management APIs

The Room and Rate Management APIs are a group of four modular APIs that enable your properties to create, update and delete rooms and rate plans (amongst other essential tasks). 

The four APIs are:

  • Room Management API 
  • Rate Plan Management API
  • Rate Plan Assignment API
  • Room and Rate Plan Information API

These were once part of the larger Content API, but can now be implemented independently – requiring less development time and resources.

Why is this important?

65,000 properties create or update their rate plans every 15 days – making these some of the most crucial functions your platform can offer. We know that many Connectivity Partners are unable to provide this right now, due to the development time required to implement the whole Content API. This means that a large number of properties still have to load and adjust their rate plans manually across platforms – resulting in errors, parity problems, time-consuming workload and potential loss of revenue.

By implementing the Room and Rate Plan Management APIs, you’ll be providing your properties with all the essentials and offering a well-rounded service. We expect this to reduce your inbound from properties, as well as increasing engagement with your product. 

What can each API do?

Take a look at the solutions page to see which functions are available with each API.

View solutions page

What do you think of this page?

  • Enable your properties to seamlessly create, update and delete rooms and rate plans – reducing errors, manual work and lost revenue. 
  • Four modular APIs provide your properties with essential functions, without the development time required for the whole Content API.
  • Reduce inbound and promote engagement with your product.

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