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Introducing the blocked by minimum length of stay opportunity that helps your properties unblock restricted inventory

Help your properties identify and unblock restricted inventory and make sure the property remains visible on our platform as travel demand increases

We’ve introduced Blocked Minimum Length of Stay – a new opportunity via the Opportunities API to help your properties identify and unblock any restricted inventory, directly on your platform.

How does it work?

We analyse our partners’ inventory to identify specific dates when all the active rates for a room are completely blocked due to the minimum length of stay restrictions (MLOS) the property has applied. This happens when the MLOS required is more than the total consecutive number of available days.

blocked by LOS

In this example, the MLOS restrictions applied on the 5th and 6th of the month require a stay of three nights, but the room is only available for two nights.

In the example above, the specified room date can’t be booked so the room isn’t visible in travellers’ searches. We call these situations Blocked by Minimum Length of Stay (BBMLOS) opportunities. We’d advise you to ask your properties to lower or remove the restriction from at least one rate to make the room bookable again and visible in travellers’ searches.

These opportunities are highly time-sensitive, operational and related to rates and availability so it’s necessary for you to provide properties with this advice on your platform. They can then act on it using their primary inventory management system (i.e. your platform or their PMS). This opportunity is available for your properties if you have integrated the Opportunities API.

If I already use the Opportunities API, what are my next steps?

  • You need to enable the additional date_level_inventory_opportunities feature from your provider portal to start receiving these opportunities.
  • In most instances, you’ll need to develop a workflow on your platform to drive eligible properties to implement these opportunities on your platform (from where they can adjust or reduce restrictions). This is different from other opportunities that your properties can implement via a simple redirect to our extranet.
  • If you’ve already implemented a workflow to handle high-demand date opportunities on your system, your implementation should work seamlessly with these new opportunities with some minor adjustments to the final click-through destination. 

You can use our implementation recommendations to develop workflows to handle these opportunities on your platform. Make sure you use your test hotels to validate these before rolling them out to your live properties.

Learn more about how to enable these opportunities for properties on your platform

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  • Improve your portfolio’s overall visibility and performance on our platform
  • Help properties optimise their inventory and fill gaps in between bookings 
  • Available to all providers who’ve implemented the Opportunities API

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