Increase your business by making your inventory visible

Help your properties get in front of bookers, while earning points and increasing business value, by improving your Supply Flow Score

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Uploading rooms to our platform is the beginning of partner success. But prospective guests won’t be able to find your properties unless they are open and bookable. You can ensure that they are by checking to confirm all rooms have availability, with prices and policies attached.  You’ll also want to make sure there are no restrictions preventing your properties from showing up when travellers search. Doing this can help your properties earn more money, get more visibility and achieve higher brand awareness.

Some partners may not realise that they’re missing out on demand or that gaps in their availability exist, so we’ve created a model and score that makes it easier to identify potential gaps in supply flow and help properties close them.


Supply Flow


The Supply Flow model

The Supply Flow model depicts the different stages where rooms can drop off in the customer journey. Using this model, we calculate a Supply Flow Score to help you determine how well the customer journey is optimised for your properties. 

The score is calculated by dividing the number of front-end rooms by the number of uploaded rooms, and then multiplying that number by 100. This results in a score between 1-100, making it easy for you to see how optimised your supply flow is – and what percentage isn’t optimised yet.  


Earn points by improving your Supply Flow Score

The Supply Flow Score is a new metric in the Connectivity Partner Programme. By improving this score, you can make your properties’ inventory more visible to potential guests and increase the business you generate, while simultaneously improving your performance in the programme. You’ll earn one point for a score of 62 and one point more for every two additional Supply Flow points over 62 – up to 80 points per year. 

If your aim is to achieve Advanced or Premier status next year, improving this score is an excellent opportunity for you to move up in rank while helping your properties capture as much demand as possible this summer. You can also learn more  by taking the Introduction to the supply flow course on the Connectivity Hub, which will set you up to start optimising. 


How to optimise Supply Flow Score

You can begin optimising by making sure all inventory is visible. Check your properties to ensure their calendar is updated with availability information for the next 12 months, which is the timeframe used for the calculation of Supply Flow Score. Do all of their rooms have Rate Plan information attached? If not, they won’t show up in search. 

Also, you need to make sure that inventory is not blocked. Many of our searches are for stays of one or two nights, with short stay and short booking window reservations increasing during the pandemic. In order to make the most of our platform, properties should be available for one- and two-day stays so they can benefit from:

  • Appearing in more customer searches, leading to more visibility and brand awareness among customers
  • Receiving more bookings, leading to more profitability
  • Overperforming compared to competitors given that they can have more visibility and exposure than the potentially restricted inventory of other properties                                                   

There are many challenges that lead properties to have minimum length of stay restrictions in place, but you can help partners overcome them. For example, if partners are worried about  high rates of cancellations at the last minute, you may want to encourage them to offer one- or two-day length of stays with non-refundable policies only. If cleaning or operational costs are higher than the cost of a one-night stay, you may want to advise partners to  add the operational costs to the fee. Finally, if a partner is worried about fraudulent bookings or invalid credit cards, Payments by is a secure solution.

Earn while you learn by taking the Introduction to the supply flow course 

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  • Make sure your properties have updated calendar availability for the next 12 months
  • Appearing in more searches can lead to more visibility, higher brand awareness, more bookings and higher visibility than properties with more restrictive policies 
  • Earn points in the programme by improving your Supply Flow Score and taking the supply flow course on the Connectivity Hub

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