Property Scores API

Increase listing quality and drive conversion using the Property Scores API

The Property Scores API provides insights about the quality of property listings on Four scores and a breakdown of areas to focus on also show you how properties can improve the quality of their listings further.

Property managers are able to access a number of scores that indicate the quality and performance of their listings on But you’ve told us that it could be easier to see and act on those scores, especially for property managers with large portfolios.

As a result, we’ve now launched the Property Scores API. This new API solution provides greater insight about what makes a listing attractive to users, by bundling together these four scores:

  • Property Page Score
  • Quality Rating (for eligible vacation rentals)
  • Reply Score
  • Guest Review Score

Using the Property Scores API, you and your properties can see scores for one or more listings at a time, as well as area averages that allow you to make comparisons. It also offers a clear breakdown of actions property managers can take to further improve the quality of their listings, based on the Property Page Score.

You can also use the Property Scores API to access the Property Page Scores of your newly onboarded properties. By using this as a way to improve those scores, you can earn more points under the Business Value pillar of our Connectivity Partner Programme.

To find out more about each individual score and how its functionality is incorporated into the Property Scores API, take a look at our solutions page.

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  • Four scores that allow you to assess the quality of your properties’ listings
  • Help improve properties’ listings using a breakdown of areas to focus on for the Property Page Score
  • Brings together the Property Page Score, Quality Rating, Reply Score and Guest Review Score

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