Improve your properties’ experience with virtual credit card payments

We know that connected properties regularly have issues when it comes to online payments. So to make sure they receive all the information they need, when they need it, we’ve added new features to the Reservations API.

What is the challenge? 

Connected properties experience a higher failure rate when it comes to virtual credit card (VCC) authorization. In fact, our data shows that this failure rate is around 40% higher than the rate for non-connected properties. 

According to our data, the top three reasons for VCC failure are: 

  • Card Charged before Activation Date: a property is trying to charge a VCC before the card is activated. 
  • Insufficient Balance: the property is trying to charge more than the balance available on the card. 
  • Card Charged after Expiration Date: a property is trying to charge a VCC after its expiration date. 

What has changed?

One of the main reasons that issues occur is because properties don’t have easy access to the right information about VCCs. To make sure they know when a card is active, and how much they should charge, we’ve added two new features to the Reservations API:

  • VCC Activation Date: this feature allows a property to see the first date they can charge the VCC. This should avoid VCC failures that result from properties charging the VCC before its activation date. 
  • VCC Current Balance: this feature shows the available balance on the VCC, helping to avoid incorrect charges on the VCC.
  • VCC Expiration date: We’re still working on the feature that shows properties the VCC’s expiration date. Expected to be available in September 2019.

Read our handbook Online Payments: what and why? for all details about online payments and user interface examples.


What do you think of this page?

  • Connected properties experience more issues with virtual credit cards.
  • We’ve added two new features to the Reservations API to help your properties manage virtual credit card payments.
  • We’ll release more features coming soon.

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