Improve the content quality of your property listings with these new Content API updates

We’ve made several changes to the Content API to improve the content quality of your property listings. These include improvements to the ‘CVC code request’ feature, expanded French City Tax specifications and new facilities and amenities codes related to security and sustainability.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made several changes to the Content API to improve the content quality of your property listings.

Improvements to the ‘CVC code request’ feature

To make it easier to use this feature, we’ve updated the functionality so you can retrieve the current credit card verification code (CVC) status of a property. We’ve also updated the documentation on implementing or disabling CVC collection to give a more detailed explanation of:

  • The requirements for using this feature
  • The endpoints that are affected
  • The warnings and errors, and how to prevent or resolve them
  • How to change the CVC status of a property
  • How switching the feature on or off affects incoming reservation messages or other API requests

More emphasis on safety, privacy and security

Our research shows that safety is a top priority for travellers choosing a destination. In response to these findings, we’ve expanded the facilities and amenities section of the Content API so you can showcase the safety and privacy details of your property to travellers.

You can now indicate whether your property has:

  • Safety facilities and amenities – fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide sources
  • Privacy facilities – CCTV inside and outside your property
  • Security facilities – security alarms and 24-hour security systems

You can see the full list of facilities and amenities in the Hotel Amenity Codes documentation.

Expanded French City Tax specification with optional question

Properties located in France were required to answer four mandatory questions in order to clarify their tax category. We’ve now added an optional fifth question to provide further clarity about the specific nature of the business – for example whether it’s a holiday park or a tourist hotel. You can find more information on French City Tax specifications in the City Tax Categories documentation.

Property name validation

From 1 July onwards, it won’t be possible to use punctuation marks in property names. These include quotation marks (“”), asterisks (*) and ‘at’ signs (@). If any of your property names include one or more of these symbols, please advise your properties to change them before 1 July. You can find more information on how to change your property name on the Partner Hub.

New sustainable practices facilities and amenities

Our research shows 55% of global travellers are more determined to make sustainable travel choices. Together with non-profit Travalyst, we’ve identified actions and features that make properties more sustainable. The first 14 of these sustainable practices are now available as facilities and amenities, and you can use the codes to communicate your efforts to travellers. See all 14 actions and features in the Hotel Amenity Codes documentation.

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  • The ‘CVC code request’ feature is now easier to use and has more functionality.
  • We’ve expanded the French City Tax specification to provide further clarity on property type.
  • Based on research findings, we’ve added new facilities and amenities related to safety, security and sustainability.

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