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How YieldPlanet expanded their business in new markets

Find out how one of your industry peers attracted customers in a whole new market with the help of Booking.com’s translation services.

In 2018, YieldPlanet – a Premier Connectivity Partner – teamed up with Booking.com’s Content Agency to translate their entire system into Hungarian. Over a three-month period, they collaborated to deliver a fully localised interface to customers in the Hungarian market.

The Content Agency translated a total of 7,507 words ahead of YieldPlanet’s launch of the localised Hungarian system in August 2018. This gave YieldPlanet their third language offering, after English and German. 

Once their system was available in Hungarian, YieldPlanet communicated this through their marketing channels – newsletter, internal messaging system, Facebook ads – targeting Hungarian leads specifically. Whenever a new Hungarian customer signed up, the YieldPlanet system would automatically be displayed in Hungarian.

To date, YieldPlanet has onboarded 31 properties in the Hungarian version of their system, 29 of which are connected to Booking.com – with more to come.


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  • Premier partner YieldPlanet has been able to enter the Hungarian market thanks to the support of the Booking.com's Content Agency.
  • Did you know that all Premier partners can request our translation services as a benefit in the 2019 Partner Programme?
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