How we promote your connectivity services to properties

According to our research, half of all accommodation partners currently without a connectivity solution are actively looking for one. We help them find your products by displaying your business listing on an extranet page that’s exclusively dedicated to connectivity, the ‘connectivity provider’ section.

We promote your services on the extranet, the administrative dashboard used by our accommodation partners. Properties can find and connect with any connectivity provider in the extranet, but only the best performing providers – those offering a high-quality service – are listed as ‘recommended’. As a recommended connectivity provider, you get more visibility among our accommodation partners – helping you to attract more properties and boost your business

How can I become a recommended provider?

Being listed as a recommended provider comes with being a ‘Premier’ partner in our Connectivity Partner Programme. You become a Premier partner by completing actions in your Partner Portal, which earns you points and moves you up the different tiers.

As a Premier partner, what will my business listing look like in the extranet?

Once becoming a Premier partner, your listing will show:

  • Your business name
  • Your ‘Premier’ partner badge
  • Your Connection Quality (%)
  • A direct-connection request button
  • A direct link to your website

Your Connection Quality score is a monthly measurement of how successful you are in sending availability and rates to, and retrieving reservations from, (excluding outages). You can improve your score by decreasing your error and fallback rate.

Note: We’re always improving the way we promote your services to our accommodation partners. As we display your company information in the recommended listing, it’s important to make sure your company profile is always up to date.


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  • As a recommended connectivity provider, you get more visibility among our accommodation partners.
  • This will help you to attract more properties and boost your business.
  • Learn more about the Partner Programme benefits.

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