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How we’ve made onboarding our connected properties faster than ever in 2020

We’ve streamlined the onboarding process for connected properties in order to drastically cut the time it takes for them to become open and bookable. Take a look at what we’ve done and how this helps properties identify the right Premier Connectivity provider for them.

Program Manager at the Connectivity Partner Programme Team.

We’re committed to making it as quick and easy as possible to onboard connected properties to our platform. As a result of numerous improvements we’ve made this year to our onboarding processes, we’ve significantly cut the time it takes for a property to become open and bookable and connected to our platform. In January this took 78 hours using the Content API, but this was down to 52 hours by September. And we’ve seen even more of a reduction when using Quick Connect – in fact, we’ve cut the time taken in half, from 26 hours in January to 13 hours in September.

These are some of the improvements we’ve made that have contributed to speeding up the onboarding process for connected properties:

  • Quick Connect now supports bulk connections – we’ve added a tool to the group extranet that allows multi-property partners and property management companies to quickly connect multiple properties or to switch them all from one Connectivity provider to another
  • You can help your properties sign their contract with us – we’re currently beta testing a new contracting flow, which speeds up the onboarding process by allowing you to act as an intermediary when properties sign their contract with us
  • The new Licences API helps your properties stay compliant – this new API shows each of your properties’ local licence requirements, allows you and your properties to directly submit and verify licence information, and enables you to get speed up onboarding by prioritising properties that don’t need licences
  • The Content API is smoother than ever – we’ve switched on the Direct to Open Bookable feature for everyone who uses the Content API, removing two steps in the process of approving a property’s content and enabling properties to become open and bookable an average of 20 hours sooner than before (if you’d rather not use this feature, just submit a request to let us know)

Helping properties choose the right Connectivity provider for them

As well as all of these feature improvements, we’ve also launched the Connectivity User Guide on the Partner Hub. The guide introduces all of our Premier Connectivity providers in each region, broken down based on whether they support hotels, Vacation Rentals or both. We’ve designed it to help properties choose the best provider for them, whether they’re looking to become connected for the first time or they simply want to switch providers.

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  • In 2020, we’ve significantly reduced the amount of time it takes the average connected property to become open and bookable on our platform
  • We’ve cut the time taken to become open and bookable using the Content API from 78 hours in January to just 52 hours in September
  • The reduction in the time taken to become open and bookable using Quick Connect is even more drastic: 26 hours in January, halved to 13 hours in September

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