How we’re increasing our focus on property onboarding and vacation rentals

From API improvements to brand new features and improvements to our onboarding flow, find out what we’ll be sharing at VRMA 2019.

This year we’ve been working on improving the property onboarding flow, so that it’s easier than ever for Connectivity Partners to add new properties. We’ve made a number of changes, including:

  • Adding features to the Content API that used to be available only in the extranet, like the full list of a property’s facilities and room amenities

  • Providing Connectivity Partners with brand new features, such as the Licence Check API

Take a look at the new 'Content API - Property Management’ solution page to find out about these changes in more detail.

We’ve also received plenty of feedback from Connectivity Partners, and we’re using this to improve the onboarding flow even more. In October you’ll hear more about what we’re working on at the moment.

Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) International Conference 2019

As the vacation rentals segment is a growing part of the travel industry, we’re increasing our focus on it in order to provide more support to Connectivity Partners. At VRMA 2019 we’ll be sharing more about our new products and the other ways we’re working together to help grow the short-term rental industry.

Through panel sessions and workshops that bring together Connectivity Partners and property owners, you’ll hear about industry trends, customer insights, forward-thinking technologies and more.

Visit the Content API - Property Management solutions page 

Learn more about our developments for property managers 

What do you think of this page?

  • The new ‘Onboarding’ solution page lists all the changes we’ve made to improve the property onboarding flow
  • Stay tuned in October to find out how we’re using your feedback to improve the onboarding flow even more
  • We’re focussing more than ever on the growing vacation rentals segment, and we’ll be sharing details of this at the VRMA International Conference 2019

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