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How RezGain made mapping easier for their properties

Find out how they developed their innovative tool, Mapping Recommender.

RezGain is RateGain’s next-generation channel manager. They provide SaaS products that help hospitality companies with rate intelligence, cognitive revenue management and brand engagement. 

We sat down with Senior VP & Global Product Head Gaurav Singh to find out more about Mapping Recommender, their innovative tool designed to take the pain out of mapping. 

How did you find out that mapping was such a pain point for properties?

We talked to our properties and saw that mapping was a big issue, especially for properties connected to many different OTAs, each with their own unique room names, policies and inclusions. We also received a significant number of support tickets every month that deal with incorrect mapping or missed mappings, all directly resulting in a loss of revenue. These issues can sometimes negatively impact brand image as well. 

How did mapping work before, and why wasn’t it working?

Before Mapping Recommender, mapping was a completely manual process handled by properties. With the hundreds of possible combinations and the learning curve involved in using a new platform, properties would need a few days to complete the mapping process. Even with all this time invested in mapping, the chances of incorrect mapping or missing mapping was inevitable given the complexity of the process. So our goal was to both cut the admin time and make the process error-free.

How did you go about creating Mapping Recommender?

Our product team did a thorough investigation using the API error dashboard on Booking.com’s Connectivity Partner Portal. We also began testing with hoteliers and internal stakeholders. Our product team had hundreds of interactions with hoteliers and other internal stakeholders including the customer success team, global help desk team and onboarding team, who were closer to the problem and to our properties. After multiple prototypes for the solution were created, the product team was able to do rigorous user testing before finalising the AI-based Mapping Recommender.

Mapping has been an unsolved problem in the hospitality industry for a long time now. With the growing number of demand channels, mapping’s impact on revenue has risen exponentially. We’re happy that we’re able to solve it with 75-80% accuracy as part of our endeavor to make distribution smarter. In an ideal world, hoteliers should focus on their core competence of providing great guest experiences. They shouldn’t be bogged down with operational issues like reviewing mappings. We believe that Mapping Recommender is a huge step towards that. - Gaurav Singh, Sr.VP & Global Product Head at RateGain

What improvements did you see?

Mapping Recommender made mapping 80% faster than manual mapping, saving properties days and days of admin. Thanks to its algorithm-driven mapping, the chances of errors were eliminated. The tool also ensures that there are no unmapped rooms or rate types.  

What are your next steps?

With an increasing number of OTAs and new trends in the hospitality industry such as Attribute Based Selling (ABS), mapping is bound to get more complicated. The next steps of Mapping Recommender would be able to cater to all these scenarios. We’re also partnering with Booking.com to understand how we can collaborate together and increase the accuracy even further.

We’ve recently celebrated nine years of partnership with RezGain. In these years our work has evolved from a simple connection to solving partner pain points and improving hotels’ tech stack together. RezGain has supported Booking.com's goal to create a seamless partner experience for our connected partners. This latest innovation is just one of the outcomes of this collaboration. - Robert Csenar, Connectivity Partner Business Manager

Do you have any advice for your industry peers to be able to achieve similar success?

The crucial part of our product management and development philosophy at RezGain is how close we are to our properties. Mapping Recommender was conceived after interacting with hundreds of hoteliers, multiple design-thinking workshops and regular MBRs/QBRs to ensure we understood their hotel distribution needs better and could solve their problems. We’d recommend both talking to your customers and working closely with Booking.com to find the right solutions for your business.


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  • Mapping issues are one of the biggest pain points for properties.
  • RezGain’s Mapping Recommender reduces the time needed to map by 80% compared to manual mapping.
  • The Connectivity support team and API dashboard can help you improve the quality of your connection.

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