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How Reservit used availability calls to prepare for peak season

The result was twice as many bookings for peak season with the success now extending longer-term.

Reservit allows hotels, restaurants and sports leisure businesses to market themselves and manage their bookings. Their booking engine is used by almost 10,000 clients around the world. We spoke with Cyrille Dagregorio, Partner Account Manager at Reservit, about how they used availability calls to prepare their properties for peak season.

How did you manage to make availability calls for high season on the French coasts?

Sonia Bechet, our Partner Business Manager, made us aware of properties that weren’t ready for peak season and didn’t offer availability for the summer. We knew it was time to take action.

Reservit has two types of account managers: one for independent hotels, another for hotel chains, both of which make regular calls to their clients. However, it can be difficult to monitor areas such as hotels' future availability for distribution partners. That’s when Sonia and her list of identified properties came in useful.

It was important to act fast. Once I received all identified property IDs, I created a follow-up sheet and communicated the situation internally. From there, our dedicated account managers contacted independent properties and hotel chains individually. We explained how they could improve their performance online during high season.

What’s amazing in this situation is that hoteliers could see the results improving almost immediately. Mission accomplished! - Cyrille Dagregorio, Partner Account Manager at Reservit

What specific impact did your company and your properties experience from this initiative?

Availability is key to getting bookings. How can you book a hotel if no room is available? As soon as availability was released, the reservations pickup rose quickly for the properties we had identified.

With the help of Anthony Thibault, the local Account Manager, we looked at bookings within a 32-week timeframe – from eight weeks prior to the initiative up until six months after. This gave us a strong insight because it was relatable to availability calls done in this time frame, for this specific period – high season. We also compared it with the pickup of all Reservit properties from the same area. From this we learned that panel A significantly outperformed panel B across the board. 

In comparison, the pick up of all Reservit properties for the same region (panel B) was 109% and 97% for July and August (around 2 times less than panel A). This extra push of Reservit via AV call has led to properties update their availability faster and quicker bookings not just for Peak Season, but for the final quarter too. Hoteliers were open to our ideas because they already had a clear understanding of our approach. This meant we were able to explain how releasing future availability would help grow their business. It was amazing that hoteliers could see the results improving almost immediately. Mission accomplished!

How do you view your partnership with is one of our best partners. We are in constant communication with Sonia, who makes herself very available. It’s a real pleasure working in these conditions.

Working together with Reservit on peak season for unbookable properties on French coasts allowed me to try a different approach, focusing not only on API implementation but on strong collaboration and quick win solutions. - Sonia Bechet, Partner Business Manager of Reservit

Do you have any advice for your industry peers to be able to achieve similar success?

I believe trying to emphasise topics like availability during guest training and regular calls is a good place to start. Beyond this, getting tools ready within the product to alert customers would be ideal. 


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  • Availability is key to getting more bookings.
  • A strong relationship means hoteliers are more open to ideas.
  • Good communication is essential when it comes to delivering fast and successful results.

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