How Quick Connect 2.0 helped D-EDGE optimise its onboarding experience

Discover how D-EDGE connects with properties faster using our Quick Connect 2.0 tool.

D-EDGE offers a wide range of solutions aimed at helping properties improve their online distribution and performance. This gives property managers more time to focus on business and not on operational tasks, which technology can solve for them with ease. 

What’s Quick Connect 2.0? 

Quick Connect 2.0 is a non-API solution designed to improve the onboarding process – making it easier for properties to connect to the connectivity provider of their choice and share availability with Booking.com.

Quick Connect 2.0 has taken the previously time-consuming connectivity process and transformed it into a smooth one, allowing properties to perform all the needed steps directly from your interface in just a few seconds. 

The possibility to enable the connection in just one place is highly valuable to accommodation partners, as it reduces the onboarding time and allows them to start offering accommodation on our platform in a shorter time. Providing a fast onboarding experience is also highly beneficial to you, our providers, as it provides a good experience for your clients while reducing operational overhead for your teams. The need to contact our technical support team is also reduced by having everything accessible from your interface.

How Quick Connect 2.0 has benefited D-EDGE

This improved and easy-to-use process has received resoundingly positive responses. With Quick Connect 2.0, D-EDGE saw a 28% decrease in onboarding time when compared to usual onboarding. 

"Quick Connect 2.0 allows our mutual partners to select D-EDGE as their Connectivity provider in an easier way, reducing time spent completing the connectivity between Booking.com and D-EDGE, and making the connectivity process more user-friendly,” says Iryna Galkina, Product Manager at D-EDGE. 

“The development of the Quick Connect 2.0 feature is straightforward,” adds Vincent Remond, Engineering Team Lead at D-EDGE. “Following the clear instructions provided by Booking.com, our next steps could involve testing, implementing and measuring the high impact that the feature provides in a short time.”

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  • Quick Connect 2.0 is a non-API solution that improves the onboarding process for both you and your properties
  • The solution makes everything accessible from your interface, reducing the need to contact our technical support team
  • D-EDGE saw a 28% decrease in onboarding time with Quick Connect 2.0

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