How HOMHERO used the Content API to gain a competitive edge during trying times

Uncover how HOMHERO utilised the Content API to more than triple their number of partners and rise above competitors.

HOMHERO is a software as a service (SaaS) business that allows holiday property managers to handle bookings, website development, guest communications, maintenance, cleaning and more through centralised software.

This relatively young company was founded in 2016 and is located on Australia's Gold Coast. They initially adopted the Content API to level the playing field amid the software-saturated holiday rental management market. This is a tool that lets you update your properties' content for Booking.com directly from your own interface, rather than manually changing it on the extranet. It was developed to have the 'right type of content', ensuring guests find what they're searching for – and properties increase their chances of selling on our platform.

For HOMHERO, the Content API gave them the functionalities to equip their properties with essential room and rate plan management services and speed up the onboarding process. Since January 2020, HOMHERO has grown by more than 330% – a growth they partly credit to the edge our Content API gives them. We chatted with Hayden D’Arcy, Director at HOMHERO, about why and how they use these functionalities.

Why choose the Content API?

HOMHERO had its sights set on the Content API from the very beginning. According to D'Arcy, its advantages were very clear.

"We'd always planned on building the Content API with Booking.com as we saw how important it was for our industry. We're dealing with large portfolios of properties, all with their own images, content and identities. The content management functions allow our partners to minimise the amount of work involved to create and maintain all of these assets. I believe this has given us a competitive edge,” says D’Arcy.

Implementing the Content API in three steps

When it came to setting up, maintaining and measuring success, HOMHERO's development, training and support teams were up for the task.

"We first identified all of the different touchpoints a user has when creating and managing the content of their properties," explains D'Arcy.

Next, they had to ensure that the interface was relevant to the user experience. "It was crucial that all processes were available to the user directly in HOMHERO. Once we identified this via the Content API, we were able to build on it."

Lastly, it all has to amount to something. At the start, HOMHERO didn't have many metrics to gauge the success of the integration. However, they listened to feedback and noticed that their partner numbers grew more than three times since implementing these functionalities at the start of COVID-19.

A single place for all content

Instead of asking clients to log in to many different places and repeat the same setup over and over again, HOMHERO decided that the entire user experience would live in one place.

"Creating HOMHERO as a source of truth for the content saved our mutual clients a substantial amount of time. Time that can be better spent enhancing and growing the business in other places," explains D'Arcy.

Rolling out the new functionalities

HOMHERO relied on their Booking.com Partner Business Manager to help them get started. "Our partnership with Booking.com is imperative to the success and growth of our company. We have felt very supported since the day we first integrated," D'Arcy states.

They then focused on rolling out the new functionalities to their ever-growing portfolio of partners. D'Arcy describes how they did this by utilising various channels of communications, as well as extending personal support.

"We let our partners know about the functionalities via newsletter mailout and posting on social media. We also spoke to all of our current partners at the time and assisted them in taking advantage of the brilliant new capabilities now available."

Take advantage of what's available – and listen

D'Arcy believes that all the features provided by Booking.com are valuable to partners. "Taking advantage of what’s available and doing it well puts your solution above anyone that doesn’t," he says.

When creating and delivering a product, he advises against relying on assumptions. "Listen to your partners’ ideas and requests. Build on them and deliver it with quality."

What does the future look like for HOMHERO?

Thanks to their readiness to adapt and innovate upon tech solutions, the sky's the limit for HOMHERO. D'Arcy sums up their goal pretty clearly: "keep growing and keep building. We want to provide the best solution for partners in the holiday rental industry."

Interested in the Content API? Take a look at our solutions page to learn more about it.

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  • HOMHERO increased their portfolio of partners by 330% since January 2020
  • They credit a large part of their success to the Content API, which enabled our mutual clients to manage their large portfolios easily
  • The property management functionalities freed up time for accommodation partners to grow their business and save time with onboarding and operations

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