How to help your properties better understand, prevent and reduce cancellations

Just as you do as a connectivity provider, we want to proactively provide solutions and recommendations that empower your properties to manage and grow their business. In addition to your software solutions, our cancellations-focused content can make a difference in a competitive market – and help boost your customer satisfaction and retention. By sharing our content with your properties, you can help them understand, prevent and solve their cancellation challenges, and strengthen their business results.

Tackling cancellations together

Amid the demands of running a busy property, we understand that cancellations can be a headache for your properties. Many cancellations are genuinely unavoidable (guests’ plans simply change), but there are steps your properties can take to reduce cancellations and avoid ‘harmful’ cancellations – those last-minute cancellations and no-shows that leave you with no time to react and no way to replace lost business.

That’s why we’ve created a guide that outlines the tools we provide to help your properties proactively avoid these situations, save time on admin and secure revenue.

For example, did you know there’s a ‘Cancellations characteristics’ report available to your properties in their extranet?

The ‘Cancellation characteristics’ report analyses your properties’ bookings and provides them with an overview of:

  • Their overall cancellation and no-show rates
  • When their cancellations occur
  • How the property compares with similar properties in their area

Your properties can use this data to address their specific cancellation patterns and make smart decisions that improve their overall performance.

We only make the report available in the extranet because we use real-time data to make sure that the information presented is synced with reservations for maximum accuracy. Sharing the report with third-party APIs could result in data discrepancies.

What can you do as a Connectivity Partner?

To help your properties understand and prevent cancellations – and reduce the impact of cancellations on their business – you can share these useful resources with them:

Cancellations guide for property partners:


Are you interested in publishing an article about this topic on your own blog? Feel free to link to our resources! Need help with something else? Reach out to your business partner for assistance.

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    • Many cancellations are genuinely unavoidable.
    • There are steps your properties can take to reduce cancellations.
    • We provide tools to help your properties proactively avoid these situations, save time on admin and secure revenue.

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