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How Guesty is facilitating a seamless onboarding process

Discover how this Property Management Software partner is using Onboarding Solutions to improve the onboarding experience, alleviate customer pain points and set properties up for better performance

Guesty, a Property Management Software, is on a mission to create a seamless onboarding process for its properties. We spoke with Shay Many, Product Lead at Guesty, to find out how adopting the Onboarding Solutions package is facilitating a faster, seamless onboarding experience. 

How does Guesty plan to improve the onboarding experience?

As Guesty continues to expand its features and direct integrations, we recently set our focus on our integration user experience by adopting the Onboarding Solutions package, which is aimed at reducing friction for users and providing a top-notch user experience when adding new properties to your account. We designed this package by analysing support tickets, UX analytics, user journey trends identified by our client facing teams, and user interviews, which gave us more context into the biggest pain points among Guesty customers. 

What did you learn through the process?

After evaluating our research, we learned that there are clear onboarding pain points around the contracting and licencing API (within the existing Content API) for our customers.

For Contracting API, we identified that:  

  • Clients have limited visibility with regards to their login status.
  • At times, clients struggle to find their LEID ( account identifier) – a pain point mainly for large property management companies that manage multiple accounts/LEIDs, but relevant to everyone.

For Licensing API, we identified that:

  • At times, it’s not clear to our clients if the license is a requirement.
  • It’s also not clear that if it is a requirement, what format they should use.

How will these solutions help you successfully onboard more properties?

Once the Guesty Onboarding Solution goes live, users will be able to manage and automate the entire account onboarding process from Guesty with significantly better visibility. There will also be templates provided in regards to licensing information in order to reduce common, recurring mistakes. 

What are your expectations post-development?

Once the Guesty Onboarding Solution is launched, we expect onboarding velocity to be reduced from days to hours. Our solution will reduce the number of support tickets around onboarding, and time spent by our client facing teams troubleshooting these issues. Most importantly, we will provide our users with a delightful, more intuitive experience throughout the onboarding process.

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What do you think of this page?

  • Guesty recently adopted the Onboarding Solutions package to help set properties up for success
  • As a result, it is expecting to reduce the number of support tickets around onboarding while providing users with a more intuitive, enjoyable experience throughout the onboarding process
  • During research, Guesty discovered customer pain points surrounding the contracting and licencing API, which the Onboarding Solutions will help reduce

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