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How to earn additional points in our programme by helping your properties reopen

Opt in to the Q4 Supply deal and earn points in the Partner Programme by working with us to improve your open inventory on our platform.

Program Manager at the Connectivity Partner Programme Team.

The lockdown measures imposed to help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have had a severe impact on our industry. But we’re seeing countries move into domestic recovery – and travellers booking trips once again. As guest demand rises, we want to make sure your properties that are open for business are available to be booked on our platform.

We’ve put together the Q4 Supply deal to help you make sure your properties don’t miss out on potential reservations. Earn points in our programme by supporting your properties in adding inventory and rates to be open bookable again on our platform.

  • Earn 100 points by making more of your properties open and bookableYou can earn up to 100 points by growing the number of open and bookable (OB) properties on our platform by 31 December 2020. To make this easier, we’ve set an OB target that’s tailored to each of our Connectivity partners and their unique circumstances – like how affected the countries where their properties are located were by COVID-19 .If you’re a managed provider, contact your Partner Business Manager to find out how many OB properties you need to have on our platform by the end of the year. If you’re not a managed provider, you can reach out to our Connectivity Support team to get your personalised OB target.To make it easier to find properties that are closed due to lack of availability, you can simply look at which ones are eligible to implement the ‘Auto-closed due to availability’ product. You can find this in the Portal under the ‘Opportunities’ tab. Be sure to opt in to this deal before 15 October.  
  • Earn 50 points by sharing your marketing efforts with usWe’re curious about what marketing initiatives you’re planning or already have in place that reach out to your properties, and we’d love to acknowledge all the effort you’re putting into helping them reopen. Let us know which of these initiatives you have in place, and you can earn up to 50 points in the programme:  
    • Launching an email campaign – 15 points. To support you with this, we’ve prepared an email  that you can send out to your properties to encourage and support them through recovery. If you’d like to have this email, reach out to your partner business manager or our Connectivity Support team. Consider combining an email with a personal call. Our research shows that this increases the impact of your message – it’s also a great way to show empathy and connect on a personal level.
    • Adding a banner to your user interface that promotes opening availability on our platform – 25 points. By identifying which properties are closed due to lack of availability you can show them targeted messages inviting them to add availability again as soon as they’re ready.
    • Publishing an article on your blog – 15 points. Sharing informative information through your blog can be a good way to reach out to properties and encourage them to reopen and add availability. This long-form communication gives you an opportunity to share more and dive deeper into specific topics.
    • Create a pop-up in your system that redirects your properties to load availability and become open bookable again – 25 points
    • Organise a webinar promoting properties to load availability to become open bookable again – 25 points

Opt in to the Q4 Supply deal


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  • Earn up to 100 points in the Partner Programme by getting more of the properties in your inventory to be open and bookable on our platform.
  • Easily find out which properties lack availability settings on our platform. 
  • Earn up to 50 points by sharing the marketing initiatives you’re using to get more properties to add availability on our platform with us.

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