How e-GDS uses our solutions to help properties increase efficiency

From improving reporting to reducing behind-the-scenes workload, discover how e-GDS goes above and beyond to help customers understand the value of APIs.

e-GDS is a Premier Partner that we’ve proudly partnered with for the past 13 years. This Portuguese-based Connectivity Partner boasts a complete suite of hotel management software in a single platform. All that’s needed is a single login to explore and implement over 200 certified API integrations that are designed to automate operations, optimise distribution and maximise revenue. In recent years, e-GDS has launched a number of our solutions to support mutual properties in their performance and operational tasks.

We spoke to the e-GDS team about how they utilised our solutions to improve guest experiences, the types of challenges they faced in the process and what changes they’ve seen since adopting them.

What was your strategy when implementing our solutions?

We believe that mutually beneficial partnerships add the best value to any collaboration. That’s why we continuously invest with Booking.com to bring relevant APIs to the forefront of our customers’ minds. In particular, we opted to integrate solutions that minimise day-to-day management and make reporting easy. This allows us to deliver a full suite of APIs of ever-increasing value to our customers without ever having them leave the e-GDS management platform.

What’s changed since you have adopted these solutions?

Ever since adopting these APIs, we’ve come closer to fulfilling our vision of bringing functionality to the hotel management system with the promise of reliability and support. Over time, we’ve seen a rapid digital acceleration in the types of APIs available, and we’ve also seen improvements in their adoption. We still have a ways to go, but positive change is definitely in motion as more players in the hospitality industry begin understanding the value of APIs.

How are these new features perceived by your properties?

At the start, we faced difficulties showing our customers the importance and relevance of APIs. Some didn’t understand the advantages of the multitude of integrations available in the e-GDS platform. Nobody likes change at the start, after all.

But eventually, as knowledge about APIs began to spread, teams within our customer-base began using our integrations to increase efficiency and ramp up performance. Working with a partner such as Booking.com means that we can continue pushing limits and changing perceptions about how technology can intertwine with tourism in the best way possible.

What challenges do you face, and how do you plan to overcome them?

One of our greatest difficulties was changing deep-rooted processes that our customers are unwilling to trust to an API. The rigorous manual labour behind running a hotel can feel almost like a fundamental principle to well-established hoteliers. Challenging that thought process was something we set out to change.

We did this by repeatedly sharing information about the availability of API solutions, their benefits and how to implement them. We even launched the e-GDS Academy, where we shared content about APIs and created e-learning courses to increase our customers’ digital literacy. Our Partner Business Manager undertook the task of marketing our integrations through webinars and email campaigns. Booking.com also promoted the adoption of these APIs via Channel Managers who were directly in contact with our mutual customers.

What advice would you like to leave other Connectivity Partners with?

As agents in the hospitality-tech industry, we have a responsibility to actively participate in the digital transformation of hospitality businesses. We recommend working closely with reliable partners to help your customers establish trust in the solutions you offer. Above all, educating and helping them feel secure in adopting the available technology is the key to making sure you can deliver on your promises while meeting your business goals.

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  • Founded in 1997, e-GDS has been pushing the boundaries of the number of available APIs accessible from a single platform
  • Their comprehensive hotel management software is built upon the notion of educating their customers to embrace digital transformation
  • Our Reporting API helps them remove complexity from repetitive tasks and minimise day-to-day management

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