How DerbySoft helped partners adopt’s VCC product

DerbySoft launched a widely requested connectivity solution to help properties around the world adopt’s hybrid payment virtual credit card product – increasing properties’ visibility and bookings as a result.

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DerbySoft enables travel companies to work together using technology and innovation. As the leading provider of high-performance hotel distribution, DerbySoft connects distributors and suppliers through the Connectivity Suite by offering streamlined connectivity at both the CRS and PMS levels.

We spoke to Megan Skaggs, Key Account Manager at DerbySoft, to find out how they’re helping global partners adopt’s hybrid payment virtual credit card (VCC) product. 

How did you come up with using VCC Payment Solution for a number of top global partners? announced the exciting news of offering a hybrid payment programme for properties to participate in. Our mutual global partners were also eager to participate, but expressed their concerns with the challenges associated with identifying VCC bookings through comments only. The partners requested a solution to better identify these VCC bookings. DerbySoft specialises in offering solutions and customisation, so we developed the solution of re-routing bookings, creating a win-win situation for both our partners and 

What steps did you follow to execute this action?  

DerbySoft has a history of matching complex pairings just like this. Our goal is to let the business drive the technology, and we refuse to allow technology to be a blocker for anyone’s business needs. Through our mapping tools and product management capabilities, we were able to work with to identify when the reservation is booked via guest pay or the payments by Booking model, and then make the match to provide the expected product to the supplier on the reservation.

“DerbySoft, a solutions provider in the industry, was the first to provide the solution our global partners and were unable to solve. They helped a number of global partners lead the pack in adopting our payment product early and have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. DerbySoft development also prompted us to create a solution for other providers to adopt and follow a similar solution offering to other providers.” - Alice Ho, Partner Business Manager at

How was this action perceived by your properties?   

Our clients, both the global partners and, were able to carry out their commercial agreement on this feature without any connectivity friction.  

Do you have any advice for your industry peers to be able to achieve similar success?  

Other than “work with DerbySoft”, I would say just keep an open mind and let the business drive the technology. Communicate with your customers, understand their needs, challenges and objectives, and research solution options that work best for them. Move forward with the project from solution to development to full implementation and rollout.

“ was a very early supporter and has been a tremendous partner over the years, jointly creating new solutions for partners and consumers.” - Megan Skaggs, Key Account Manager at Derbysoft.

What’s next for your company?  

The solution options that DerbySoft can implement with are limitless. As continues to create products and enhancements to make a better experience for the customer, DerbySoft will enhance the connectivity along with them.

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  •’s new hybrid payment programme, while innovative, presented challenges due to VCC bookings being identified only through comments
  • By letting business drive the technology, DerbySoft was able to work with in identifying a solution
  • DerbySoft’s connectivity solution met global partners’ requirements, in turn encouraging the worldwide adoption of’s hybrid payment product

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