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How Connectivity is helping you on the road to recovery

Learn which APIs can help your properties capitalise on emerging travel demand.

As travel starts to show some signs of recovery, we want to help you make sure your properties are ready for it. We offer a range of solutions that can help properties stand out to travellers and recover faster. For example, we offer APIs that increase your properties’ visibility and we also give tailored advice to help your properties secure more bookings.

We’re also giving you an opportunity to earn more points in our Partner Programme by taking part in our product deal. By joining, you’ll not only earn more points – but your business will be better prepared to support properties during the recovery process. 

Recovery-related APIs 

1. Opportunities API

The Opportunities API helps you give our most relevant commercial advice to your properties. As travel in most markets has been severely limited for the past few months, we had announced some temporary adjustments to the API to make sure our advice was always relevant and valuable. Within our advice we cover three areas of opportunity properties can start to recover in: 

  • Opportunities to help properties adapt to markets with severe travel restrictions
  • Opportunities to help properties capture any current demand
  • Availability opportunities to make sure partners load rates and availability for the next few months and remain open and bookable 

And the opportunities don’t stop there – we’ll continue to add the most relevant opportunities to support you. With the Opportunities API, your properties will always receive the most relevant, up-to-date advice based on their current market situation, so they can be ready to capture any re-emerging demand.

In the Recovery Toolkit, you’ll also find some helpful advice on how you can better support your properties on the road to recovery.

High-demand date opportunities

After a temporary global black-out, we’ve adjusted this advice so it more accurately reflects re-emerging demand and highlights the most popular dates to travel. Eligible partners in recovering markets can now receive these opportunities directly from your system. Implementing this provider-level feature will help make sure your properties benefit from timely, demand-driven inventory advice. You can now also request these opportunities for your test hotels to make sure there’s a smooth integration. Implement this opportunity now.

2. Promotions API 

As demand picks up again, offering the right prices is key for your properties’ recovery. Special prices for mobile users and business guests – as well as Country Rates –  are a good way to appeal to travellers planning trips again. With the Promotions API, your properties will be able to set these special rates and prices up in your system. Below are a few examples of how specific promotions can help properties during recovery: 

  • Early Booker deals: Properties can attract early bookers who are re-adjusting their travel plans by setting an early booker rate and loading availability in advance. On, properties can show prices up to 16 months in advance. By introducing an Early Booker deal, properties can boost their advance bookings and secure extra revenue.
  • Country Rates: As demand picks up again, domestic travel is proving the most popular across the globe. Country Rates can be set for domestic guests and help properties attract these travellers while also boosting properties’ visibility and ranking in our search results. 
  • Mobile Rates: In the current climate, we’d advise your properties to offer a minimum discount of 15% to attract travellers. Offering Mobile Rates will also boost your properties’ visibility in the search results for mobile users. 

3. Vacation Rental Essentials – Key Collection API 

Vacation Rental (VR) Essentials is a selection of tools that help properties highlight unique benefits to staying in vacation rentals. One of the tools available is the Key Collection API which enables properties to specify that they offer keyless entry to guests which makes it possible to enter a property without having to meet a host and therefore allowing a contactless check-in.

4. Room & Rates Plan Management API 

In these uncertain times, guests are looking for flexible booking options – and because of this properties offering a combination of different rates attract more bookings. Properties adding a flexible rate with free cancellation up to six days before arrival will appeal to travellers who want peace of mind that they have flexibility. If you've implemented the Room & Rates Management API, properties will be able to set up flexible rates through your system. 

5. Occupancy-based Pricing Models 

Offering tailored and relevant prices to guests help properties get booked. Occupancy-based prices bring 3.5% more revenue to properties, while tailored rates for solo travellers can also lead to an increase in conversion. As travellers start to explore the world again, making sure your properties are offering the right prices is a great way to help them capture this demand.

6. Payments Clarity Package 

The Payments Clarity Package will help reduce card authorisation failures from properties that are charging virtual credit cards (VCCs) by bridging the information gap between the extranet and Connectivity platforms. Our research has shown that early adopters of the VCC Current Balance tag enjoyed a 39% reduction in card authorisation failures.

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