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How BookingSync achieved their Premier status for 2021 in October 2020

Discover how this Vacation Rental partner achieved success in the Connectivity Partner Programme, becoming a 2021 Premier partner at the start of October 2020.

On 1 October 2020, BookingSync reached the Premier partner status for 2021 in the Connectivity Partner Programme – and they just keep on earning points. We spoke with Maud Lavolée, Product Manager at BookingSync, to find out how they did it.

Can you tell us a bit about your company?

BookingSync provides property management software (PMS) for all short-term rental managers, including channel managers, website building, marketing automation, payment processing and APIs. Our team is spread across 17 countries, allowing short-term rental managers to achieve vast growth.

In the past three years, we’ve enabled companies like Luckey by Airbnb and GuestReady to grow from 100 properties to over 2,000. We’ve already turned over more than a billion dollars’ worth of reservations for our clients, and we’ve just launched our online marketing agency, Smily, for private owners.

How did you achieve Premier status so quickly?

At the beginning of 2020, we decided that we wanted to be the first Vacation Rental Connectivity partner to reach Premier status in the Partner Programme. We love challenges and we realised this was one that could benefit all of our properties while motivating the whole BookingSync team, especially in such a difficult year.

To achieve this, we defined our strategy in the smartest way possible. But the goal wasn’t only to win programme points. We also wanted to make sure we enhanced our integration to provide the maximum benefit to our properties. That’s why it made sense to start by improving the quality of the APIs we’d already implemented and implementing as many new ones as we could. In other words, focusing on the Products & Quality category.

Next we tackled the Engagement category, participating in webinars, interviews and beta testing as often as we could. Finally, we earned programme points in the Business Value and Property Performance categories by giving thanks to our properties. Showing our appreciation was easy, given they dedicate themselves to providing great service and high-quality properties every single day.

How was your approach to earning points in the Partner Programme different this year compared to last year?

Since last year, we’ve increased the frequency of our meetings with our Partner Business Manager. This forces us to regularly check our progression in the programme and to work out the best and easiest ways for us to earn programme points.

Who was involved in this achievement at BookingSync?

Our partnership with through the Connectivity Partner Programme is a team effort, and many BookingSync teams were involved in achieving our results. Our product, development and marketing teams worked on implementing, advertising and improving our APIs. Our customer care team helped our properties understand how they can get the most out of our integrations, and our sales and onboarding teams drove connections for our new clients by helping them with their integration. It was the combination of great work by all these people that made us a Premier partner.

“Working with BookingSync since they joined, I’ve seen first-hand all the work they’ve done to get to the level they’re at now. BookingSync is a very engaged partner, easy to work with and proactively providing a high-quality service to properties, both implementing new APIs and improving existing ones.” - Joao Carmo, Partner Business Manager at

What’s your takeaway from this experience?

‘Whatever it takes’ has been our mantra from the beginning, and that’s why we make a commitment every day to providing the best tools for our properties. The takeaway from this story is that even when there are challenges, working together with our partners makes us stronger.

Do you have any advice for your industry peers looking to achieve similar success?

I think the best place to start is to have a discussion with your Partner Business Manager and define a strategy together. There are many different strategies that can lead to becoming a Premier Connectivity partner, and everybody should find a way that works for them.

Have you planned any next steps or follow-up activities to continue to grow your partnership?

We’re supporting the beta testing of new features and are happy to continue being involved in this. We want to give our time and feedback, as sharing and collaborating is what makes a valuable partnership.

How do you view your partnership with, and how did it help you achieve Premier status?

We’ve had the same Partner Business Manager from the beginning. We see what a difference it makes to have someone who’s always there to give us tips, help us achieve our goals and promote us so that we’re known and visible. It has really helped us to be as involved as possible in the integration of new APIs, as well as to take part in research interviews and beta testing. 

“We’re really grateful to have a Partner Business Manager to advise us on how to make the most of our connection with This is far more than just being a Premier partner – it’s the essence of a partnership.” - Maud Lavolée, Product Manager at BookingSync

We also want to acknowledge and congratulate all the other Connectivity partners who have already achieved Premier status.

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