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How Bookingplanner is facilitating a seamless check-in experience

Find out how Bookingplanner used our check-in API to create a seamless and faster check-in experience for its properties

Bookingplanner, a channel manager and property management system, was one of our first partners to implement the check-in API. We spoke with Niels Vanden Buverie, Chief Commercial Officer at Bookingplanner, to find out how implementing the solution is facilitating a faster, seamless check-in experience for its clients. 

Why did you decide to implement the check-in API?

One of our main goals is to reduce administration work for our clients. The check-in API facilitates this by automating the process of collecting required details – passport, ID card – from guests 48 hours before their arrival. This helps to speed up the check-in process, which benefits both the accommodation owner and the guest. 

How does it work? 

We implemented the check-in API as part of our all-in-one solution. 

As a result of this integration, property managers can quickly access check-in information via the dashboard button and manage check-in requests with one simple click. This means they have less manual work at check-in and more time to focus on welcoming their guests. Using this feature, our property partners can also communicate with their guests in advance, providing them with crucial information like where to pick up their keys, which improves the overall guest communication. 

What results have you seen so far? 

After implementing the check-in API, we saw over 3,000 check-ins via the solution in the first six months alone. More than 96% of these check-ins were accepted in our Bookingplanner software. 

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  • Bookingplanner was an early adopter of our check-in API, implementing the solution as part of their all-in-one software 
  • Helping to speed up the check-in process, the check-in API automates the process of collecting required guest details before their arrival 
  • The check-in API also helps to decrease operational workload and enhance the overall guest experience

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