How the 2021 Provider Innovation Fund supported providers in 2021

We reflect on some of the partner projects our Provider Innovation Fund supported this year.

This year, our Provider Innovation Fund (PIF) supported over 300 projects that impacted over 400,000 properties across 209 countries and territories. The projects covered a variety of key areas, from driving supply growth to developing new solutions, with a focus on adding value, fueling growth and helping you rebuild your business during a critical recovery period. 

To celebrate your innovation, we want to highlight a few examples of the projects funded by the PIF and the impact they had. 


  • Project: Drive US Supply growth during critical recovery period
  • PIF Impact: Over 1,200 new listings added

“The Provider Innovation Fund allowed for an immediate ROI for the time dedicated to the project. It also justified a full-time resource focusing solely on this project based on the number of new partners we expected the project would bring onboard. Working directly with local market managers to build joint relationships with property management companies was a crucial part of our strategy. These relationships helped engage and launch property managers quickly.” 

– Matt Gurley, Director of Sales

Sabre Synxis  

  • Project: Create a more seamless property experience
  • PIF Impact: Room and Rate Management API enhancements allow for managing room and rate products seamlessly, such as setting occupancy values per room and reactivating products without the need for properties to modify on extranet.

“SHS recognises that our customers need to be able to respond to market conditions quickly and easily. OTAStream to reduces time to market allowing hotels to make the right products available to their guests without the operational burden and added time of maintaining rooms/rates on the extranet. SHS is an innovation leader in hospitality technology, and our partnership with allows us to create cutting edge solutions for many of the finest hospitality brands in the world.”  

– Marie Ainsworth, Director of Partner Management and Indirect Distribution, Product. 


  • Project: Incentivise key pricing opportunities  
  • PIF Impact: 868 Implementations across Mobile, Genius, & Child Rates – Room Nights grew 58% QoQ

“At AvaiBook we always seek to provide a greater connectivity value, which goes beyond the synchronisation of availability, rates and reservations. Opportunities like Genius, Preferred and Child and Mobile rates are key to us, and with them we can assist and educate our PMs to ensure higher quality listings and greater visibility, which in turn increases their revenue.” 

– Héctor Herrero, Head of Operations and Strategy Partnerships


  • Project: Develop Pricing Solutions
  • PIF Impact:  Released all the available features for their nearly 3k properties. Booked Room Nights increased by 23% from Q2 to Q3

“We have successfully added these new features to help support the client's needs for operation improvements."

– Satoru Kaneko, Director of Sales and Operations.  

What’s Next?

In 2022, the fund will continue and expand with more opportunities for our Premier partners. We will continue to focus on areas such as strategic supply growth with an added focus on onboarding speed and quality and overall supply optimisation. Pricing opportunities will continue to be a major focus along with payments as we strive to give our mutual customers the best possible experience.

Current Premier partners can still take advantage of the fund until 31 March 2022.  Annual account planning with your Partner Business Managers is underway, and this will be a key tool for driving our continued success next year and beyond.  More information will be shared as we get closer to the launch of the 2022 Programme.

Not a Premier tier partner yet? You have until 31 March 2022 to earn your Premier tier and become eligible for participation in this year’s Provider Innovation Fund.

Check your current score in the Partner Portal

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  • This year our Provider Innovation Fund supported over 300 projects
  • Available only to Premier partners, the Provider Innovation Fund is designed to acknowledge and reward partners for choosing to grow and innovate with us
  • Current Premier partners can still take advantage of the fund until March 31, 2022
  • The Provider Innovation Fund will continue and expand in 2022

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