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Discover the summer demand trends we're seeing on our platform and how you can help your properties prepare for the season ahead

Summer has almost arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and travellers are keen to hit the road once again. While travel conditions continue to remain unpredictable, search volume in the Northern Hemisphere has almost doubled compared to last year, pointing to a busy season ahead.

To help your property partners make the most of this important time, we’ve created a data-driven guide packed with insights that can help set them up for success. 

Capture early demand

Travellers are planning their summer trips earlier. Currently, more than half of the summer searches on our platform are for stays in June and July – presenting an opportunity for your properties to capture rising demand early in the season. 

Using the Rates and Availability API, your clients can make sure that their availability is up to date and there aren’t restrictions that could prevent them from capturing the early demand we’re seeing. For a more targeted approach, properties can set an Early Booker Deal via the Promotions API to attract customers looking to book in advance. 

Tap into traveller preferences 

We’ve identified four high-value traveller types that are trending this summer: 

1. Families – 31% of total summer searches on our platform are currently coming from families. To appeal to this segment, we recommend setting compelling rates for children. Once your properties have set the maximum room occupancy by total guests, including adults and children, via the Room and Rate Plan Management API, they can then create and manage up to three pricing rules for children of different ages using the Property Management API.

2. Group and solo travellers – Over half (53%) of global travellers plan to travel as a couple this year, while 22% plan on vacationing with a group of friends and 17% intend to go solo. Today we offer three Connectivity pricing models that enable you to set prices for different occupancies. Your properties can then use the Rates and Availability API with any of these pricing models to tailor rates for different groups and bring in more summer bookings. 

3. Long-stay guests – Stays of 3-7 days make up over half (54%) of searches on for the upcoming summer months. Using the Room and Rate Plan Management API, your properties can create dedicated weekly or monthly rate plans to appeal to long-stay guests. 

4. International travellers – 61% of searches on our platform are for international travel, up 18% from 2021. Using the Promotions API, your properties can set a Country Rate, allowing them to target region-specific demand. 

These segments are rapidly growing and represent a high proportion of the demand on our platform. By catering to the needs and wants of these travellers, your properties can better attract them during summer and beyond. 

Continued focus on flexibility 

So far for Summer 2022, more than 90% of travellers are booking flexible rates. Your property partners can create base rate plans with flexible policies using the Room and Rate Plan Management API

If they prefer to offer non-refundable rates, allowing date changes to these bookings can help them compete for the demand for flexibility while allowing them to remain in control of their revenue. After setting their non-refundable rates via the Room and Rate Plan Management API, properties can set up a non-refundable date change in the extranet. 

Investing in a stronger summer

To ensure properties on our platform are top of travellers’ minds this summer, we’re continuing to invest in global and regional marketing campaigns. From Booking.yeah, seen by 112.3M viewers, to our mobile marketing – two thirds of bookings on our platform now happen on mobile – we’re committed to stimulating exceptional exposure for our accommodation partners.

Discover our Summer 2022 Guide

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  • Search data on our platform points to a busy summer season in the Northern Hemisphere, with many travellers already planning their summer getaways
  • To capture rising demand, it’s important for your properties to make sure their availability is up to date via the Rates and Availability API
  • Our data shows four high-value traveller types trending this summer: families, group and solo travellers, long-stay guests and international travellers
  • Traveller confidence is returning, but the freedom to change plans is still vital. Maintaining flexibility can help your properties attract bookings this summer

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