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Help your properties secure more bookings with our new Supply Course

Learn all about supply fundamentals with our band-new course in the education section.

In the past few months, we’ve deep-dived into properties’ supply and restrictions and discovered some common issues. Our research has shown that:

  •  A proportion of connected properties are not visible for one-night searches, and almost half of these are home properties.
  • Many properties don’t load their full inventory on our platform.
  • Properties that do load their inventory are sometimes missing key information such as rate plans, which affects their visibility in the search results.
  • In other instances, restrictions block some rooms from being displayed on the property page.

Based on these findings, we wanted to create a full course focused on supply fundamentals. This course will familiarise your teams with everything related to supply, including the supply flow score, restrictions and availability settings and opportunities. Your teams will be able to support connected properties in gaining more visibility in our search results and ultimately secure more bookings. 

The Supply Course is made up of four different lessons:

  • Lesson 1 focuses on the supply flow, from how to measure it to how you and your properties can improve it
  • Lesson 2 goes over good availability practices, offering a refresher course on some of the basics in availability to make sure settings are optimised
  • Lesson 3 is all about restrictions and how to best manage them to ensure high visibility for your properties
  • Lesson 4 takes you through best practices and actionable advice to impact your properties’ supply

We want to reward partners like you for working on building your knowledge around supply. That’s why we’re launching a new Education Deal focused on the Supply Course. If at least half of your team takes all four lessons, you can earn a maximum of 100 points. The deal will launch in tandem with the course on 1 November 2020, and last until 31 March 2021.

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  • We’re launching a brand new course focused on supply.
  • Train your teams on supply fundamentals and help your properties gain more visibility in our search results.
  • Earn up to 100 points by training at least 50% of your teams in all four lessons.

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