Get your property live faster with the new Direct to Open Bookable feature and Quick Connect

Quick Connect and the new automated Direct to Open Bookable feature are two of the improvements making the onboarding process faster and easier for you and your properties.

From the feedback we received during the onboarding process research in 2019, it was made clear how much time and effort it takes you to get properties live on our platform. We realised that the delay is caused by having to switch between several statuses during the onboarding process, as well as getting asked for approval multiple times. We’re happy to announce several new features that will make onboarding faster and easier.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect is a series of improvements that will simplify our current five-step onboarding process. In phase one we’re allowing properties to skip the ‘Property Confirmation’ step and automatically connect with you as soon as you confirm that you’re ready. Quick Connect will go live in mid-April this year. Stay tuned for more improvements to the Quick Connect process in the coming months.

The new Direct to Open Bookable feature

Direct to Open Bookable speeds up the process of approving a property’s content after it has been submitted. By removing two steps in this process, properties can now go live an average of 20 hours faster.

Direct to Open Bookable will become a standard feature on 1 October 2020. Until then, you can manually turn this feature on in the Feature Management page on the Partner Portal. From 1 October, we’ll switch this feature on for all Connectivity partners who are using the Content API. If your company would prefer not to use this feature, please let us know by submitting a request and we’ll find a solution together.

Learn more about Direct to Open Bookable

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  • Quick Connect is a series of improvements aimed at simplifying the onboarding process on the extranet.
  • Direct to Open Bookable is a new feature that allows you to onboard properties faster.
  • The feature can be activated in the ‘Feature Management’ page on the Partner Portal.

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